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Oscilloscopes, Meters, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Supplies, etc.

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32 countries represented by over 240 companies.

Laboratory Biotech Medical Chemical Equipment Dealers_130 Used Laboratory/Biotech/Medical/Chemical Equipment Dealers
i.e.: Autoclaves, Balances, Centrifuges, Chromatography, CT, FTIR, Hoods
HPLC, Incubators, Medical Lasers, Metallurgy, Microplate Instrumentation,
Microscopes, MRI, NMR, Sequencers, Spectrophotometers, Ultrasound, XRF, etc.

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High Tech Equipment Auction and Listing Services_High Tech Equipment Auction and Listing Services

Equipment Manual Dealers_Equipment Manual Dealers
Replace that missing operating or service manual.

Equipment Calibration Laboratories_Equipment Calibration Laboratories
Electronic, dimensional, lightwave, environmental equipment cal.

Equipment Repair, Refurbishing, and Rebuilding Services_Equipment Repair, Refurbishing, and Rebuilding Services
Repair of electronics, microscopes, vacuum, robotics, lasers, etc.

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Equipment financing. Equipment moving. Misc services.

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Manufacturing/Production/Specialized Equipment Dealers, by Area Code.

Manufacturing/Production/Specialized Equipment Dealers, by State.

101 Equipment, Sunnyvale CA
408-744-0142, FAX 408-744-0146
Sell/Repair used semiconductor robots including Brooks/PRI Automation.

AB Commercial Services, Zieglerville PA
610-543-3637, FAX 610-543-0646
Sells/liquidates laboratory, medical,
electronic test & manufacturing equipment.

Access, Hudson WI
715-386-8021, FAX 715-386-7474
Sells used laser engraving & marking equipment.

A&J Vacuum Services, Clifton NJ
973-249-0854, FAX 973-249-0855
Sell/Repair new & used turbo pumps, dry pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.

Airvac Technical Services, Bethel CT
800-678-1052, FAX 203-798-2447
Sell/Repair Nash vacuum pumps & compressors.

Allwin21, Santa Clara CA
408-988-5188, FAX 408-904-7168
Buy/Sell/Lease RTA, RTP, Ashers, Strippers, Descum,
Etching, RIE, PECVD, ICP, Probers,

Alpha Force, Fremont CA
Used Electroglas and Rucker + Kolls wafer probers, parts & service.

American Electronic Components, Austin TX
512-385-6200, FAX 512-385-6205
Buy/sell/consign used semiconductor production equipment,
electronic test equipment, & spare parts.

America One Surplus, San Jose CA
408-607-4135, FAX 408-445-8589
Buy/Sell/Repair vacuum pumps.

AMSL, Bellows Falls, VT
Since 2002 AMSL LLC has been Selling Quality Used Equipment for Optical,
lnfrared and Laser Research, Angle Calibration, Precision Measurement,
Inspection, Optical Alignment & More! Equipment such as, but not limited to:
I.R. Detector systems by Infrared Laboratories, Judson EG&G;
I.R. Sources by CI; Lasers by Laser-Export; Grating-Tuned CO2
Lasers by Apollo; Optical Autocollimators by Nikon; Optical Polygon Mirrors
by Hilger Watts, Leitz, Starrett Webber; Alignment Telescopes; Jig Transits;
Plumb Aligner Mounts; Optical Tooling Bars; Tooling stands by Brunson,
K&E, Cubic Precision, & Taylor Hobson. Numerous other items.
Some calibrations available. Most sales include 15 to 30 day warranties.
We accept Visa & Mastercard. U.S. Sales and Shipments Only.
Also - Consignment sales return the most to the seller! We're always seeking
consignments of quality equipment in the New England region. Contact us to
discuss consigning your company's excess Precision Optical Metrology,
Alignment, Measurement, or Inspection Tools, or Optical Lab, Laser Lab,
Metallurgical Lab, Test and Calibration Equipment.
We're Based in the Historical Precision Valley of S.E. Vermont!
Email us at:

Analytical Instrument Recycle, Golden CO
888-909-0468, 303-215-0468, FAX 303-216-0575
Sells used gas & liquid chromatographs, HPGC, LC, atomic absorption equipment.

Analytical Testing Services, Roanoke VA
540-776-6475, FAX 540-776-1930
Buy/sell/rent/repair/cal all helium leak detector makes
and models & calibrated leaks.

Anderson Lasers, Seville OH
216-990-0563, FAX 330-769-1596
Sells used lasers, optical components, vacuum equipment.

ASC International, Maple Plain MN
888-478-2912, 763-478-6200, FAX 763-478-6206
Buy/sell/lease laser-based measurement equipment and
lead forming equipment.

Asset Reliance International, Carlsbad CA
888-505-0755, FAX 760-510-8362
Auction/liquidate/broker/appraise semiconductor, biotech, electronics,
assembly, PCB, medical, test, inspection.

ATE Sales, Morgan Hill CA
864-567-8648, FAX 888-238-7126
Buy/Sell semiconductor automated test equipment (ATE).

ATFab, Scottsdale AZ
Buy/sell (brokers) used semiconductor test systems.

AG Semiconductor Services, Stamford CT
203-322-5300, FAX 203-322-6600
semiconductor wafer fab equipment.
Austin Cryogenics, Dripping Springs TX
Buy/Sell new & used cryopumps & cryopump components.

Automation Equipment, Dallas TX
Buy/Sell/Auction used SMT, semiconductor, test & measurement,
CNC, facilities equipment sales.

Avitar Unlimited, Sanford FL
407-330-1960, FAX 407-330-3838
Buy/sell test equipment, microscopes, ovens, chambers, etc.

AXIC, Santa Clara CA
800-475-2762, 408-980-0240, FAX 408-980-0524
Sells used semiconductor production equipment.

Axus Technology, Chandler AZ
480-705-8000, FAX 480-705-8011
Sells new & used semiconductor, material planarization and
polishing equipment.

BesTech, Castle Rock CO
303-660-6005, FAX 303-660-6040
Buy/Sell/Broker/Trade/Consign used PCB assembly & test equipment,
pick & place, chip shooters, wave solder, etc.

Bid Service, Freehold NJ
732-863-9500, FAX 732-863-1255
Buy/sell used semiconductor, vacuum, test equipment,
evaporators, chillers, probers, wire bonders, etc.

Bi Optic, Santa Clara CA
408-736-2116, FAX 408-736-9627
Microscope sales & repair. Authorized Olympus service center.

BL Enterprises, Belmont CA
209-736-0684, FAX 209-736-0618
Broker/auctioneer semiconductor, test, biotechnology, analytical equipment,
fume hoods, incubators, spectrophotometers, microscopes, etc.

BMI Surplus, Hanover MA
781-871-8868, FAX 781-871-7412
Buy/sell optical equipment, lasers, semiconductor production
equipment, vacuum equipment, vibration test.

Bos-Tek, Santa Clara CA
408-667-3446, FAX 509-461-2543
Sell/Repair used semiconductor robots Equipe, Brooks, PRI Automation.

Broad Tech System, West Covina CA
626-768-3825, FAX 626-810-6069
Sells used semiconductor equipment, mask aligners, steppers,
semiconductor equipment repair parts.

Broadway Engineering Services Team (B.E.S.T.), Gilbert AZ
800-721-2378, 480-507-7991, FAX 480-507-8120
Sells refurbished Applied Materials equipment & spare parts.

Brumley South, Mooresville NC
704-664-9251, FAX 704-664-9246
Buy/sell/remanufacture wafer inspection & semiconductor equipment,

Cal Semi, Fremont CA
510-687-9960, FAX 510-656-2318
Buy/sell/rebuild/manufacture front-end semiconductor equip.,
new furnaces, cantilever loaders & wet benches.

California Plastics, Santa Clara CA
408-988-7990, FAX 408-988-2321
Buy/sell/refurbish cleaning equipment used in semiconductor mfg,
acid, solvent, DI tools, spray & manual.

CapEx Outsource, Burnsville MN
952-890-7321, FAX 952-890-9557
Buy/sell/trade semiconductor manufacturing equipment,
pumps, parts, peripherals.

Capital Equipment Exchange, McHenry IL
815-363-0800, FAX 815-363-0809
Buy/sell/refurb pcb assembly equipment, Fuji, Universal, Panasonic,
DEK, MPM, Heller, BTU.

Capovani Brothers, Scotia NY
518-346-8347, FAX 518-381-9578
Buy/sell semiconductor, microelectronic, optical, laboratory,
vacuum & related equipment.

Cardinal Circuit, Dublin OH
614-327-2601, FAX 614-334-1702
Buy/Sell used electronic assembly equipment, reflow ovens,
screen printers, pick & place, etc.

Cascade TEK, Hillsboro OR
888-835-9250, 503-648-1818, FAX 503-648-1798
Buy/sell/cal/field service ovens, environmental chambers, vibe systems.

Catalyst Equipment, Plano TX
972-943-0808, FAX 972-943-0809
Buy/sell/refurbish/appraise semiconductor process, assembly
test and scientific equipment.

C & C Technologies, Apex NC
866-938-3782, 919-362-1116, FAX 919-362-0380
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal refurbished environmental chambers.

Chiller City, Mesa AZ
877-244-5501, 480-889-1092, FAX 602-532-7545
Buy/sell/service used recirculating chillers, baths, heat exchangers,
temperature forcing equipment. Online manuals.

CHiP Semiconductor, Austin TX
512-203-4367, FAX 206-203-2003
Buy/Sell front-end semiconductor equipment.

Choice Equipment, Longwood FL
407-330-2700, FAX 407-330-2772
Buy/sell/repair used PCB (SMT & thru hole) assembly equipment,
placement equipment, wave solders.

Clark Industries, Topeka KS
785-478-9669, FAX 785-478-0714
Repair/sell vacuum components for cryopumps and compressors.

ClassOne Equipment, Decatur GA
770-808-8708, FAX 770-808-8308
Buy/sell used semiconductor equipment, etchers,
mask aligners, coaters, probers, etc.

CMTec NA, Temple PA
215-694-7034, FAX 610-743-8480
Buy/Sell electronic production / semiconductor manufacturing
misc high tech.

Coastal Instruments, Burgaw NC
800-632-4357 (2/08)
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate mass flow controllers, vacuum gauges.

Compass Technologies International, Glendale AZ
Broker semiconductor, circuit board, test & analytical
equipment. Specializing in Asian & European markets.

Complete Probe Solutions, Gilroy CA
408-852-0209, FAX 408-413-5290
Refurbished Electroglas probers. TSK & TEL support.

Conation Technologies, Puyallup WA
Buy/Sell/Refurbish/Repair/Parts semiconductor manufacturing
equipment, KLA, AMAT, Vistec, Hitachi, Thermawave. Field service.

Cool Pair Plus, Herminie PA
724-446-1181, FAX 724-446-1182
Sell/Repair cryopumps, compressors, cold heads, MRIs.

Culver Consulting, Ventura CA
805-684-3974, FAX 805-684-3974
Buy/sell/service new & used semiconductor process tools,
test equipment & spare parts.

Degreasing Devices, Southbridge MA
508-765-0045, FAX 508-764-0577
Buy/sell/rent/retrofit/repair used vapor degreasers & aqueous
parts washers.

Denver Test Systems, Phoenix AZ
888-641-8637, 602-393-2770, FAX 877-329-2387, 602-393-2779
Buy/sell/lease/repair used board test systems,
HP/Agilent, Teradyne, GenRad, AOI, X-Ray.

Direct Source Surplus, Wake Forest NC
919-556-8930, FAX 919-562-2165
Buy/sell/refurbish front end, etchers, CVD, PVD, steppers,
tracks, probers, inspection, evaporators, ovens.

Disposition Services, San Jose CA
408-573-7114, FAX 408-573-7115
Buy/Sell/Auction/Consign semiconductor, wafer fab, test, biotech,
laboratory, optoelectronic, PCB, SMT equipment.

D & L Engineering, San Jose CA
408-238-9931, FAX 408-531-9927 (2/08)
Buy/Sell/Refurbish/Repair Varian PVD sputtering equipment. Field service.

DNA Equipment, Parma OH
440-886-4383, FAX 440-886-4384
Sells used lasers, laser parts, optical & electronic test equipment.

Dodson Technical Services, Brea CA
714-993-2079, FAX 714-993-9173
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate new & used vibration test equipment,
accelerometers, transducers, shakers, amplifiers, parts, field service.

Duniway Stockroom, Mountain View CA
800-446-8811, 650-969-8811, FAX 650-965-0764
Sells used vacuum equipment - gauges, pumps, valves, leak detectors.

DuPont Investment Recovery, Wilmington DE
302-999-2941, FAX 302-355-4199
Sells surplus laboratory, semiconductor, test, chemical process
equipment, ovens, motors, chillers, etc.

E. McGrath, Salem MA
877-744-3546, 978-744-3546, FAX 978-741-4020
Buy/Sell used semiconductor, vacuum, glassworking, welding,
coil winders, microscopes, lab, ovens, chambers, etc.

Eastern Applied Research, Lockport NY
716-625-8311, FAX 716-625-8319
Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate/Repair new & used XRF
(X-ray Fluorescence) instruments.

ECM Equipment Sales, Homosassa FL
Sells used SMT & PCB automation equipment.

Econoscope, Mount Hamilton CA
Sell/Rent/Repair/Calibrate Temptronic equipment,
air temperature forcing units, hot & cold chucks, chambers.

Edwards Technical Support, Temecula CA
951-699-3460, FAX 951-699-3460
Sales/service/parts/retrofit kits for mask aligners.
On-site repair HTG, ABM, Quintel, Neutronix, Kasper, Eaton aligners., Phoenix AZ
877-773-3423, 623-582-5560
Buy/sell/rent new & used fiber optic equipment.

Electronic Automation Services, Mount Sterling KY
859-499-3455, FAX 859-499-3477
Buy/sell PTH & SMT equipment, technical support, installation, training.

Electronic Technology Corporation, Saint Charles IL
630-584-2050, FAX 630-584-2117
Buy/sell used electronic production equipment.

Electronics Assembly Resource Network, Rapid City SD
888-256-9321, FAX 605-388-9178
Buy/Sell pre-owned printed circuit board assembly equipment.

Ellingsen Research & Development, Lewisville PA
Sells used R&D equipment, glove boxes,
inert furnaces, HV power supplies, machine tools.

Enhanced Production Technologies, Hutto TX
866-378-7837, 512-759-2009, FAX 512-846-2498
Nikon NSR stepper & scanner repair, relocation, training, sales.
Semiconductor equipment brokerage.

Enoch Engineering Services, Milpitas CA
408-263-1000, FAX 408-263-1011 (3/08)
Buy/Sell/Repair mass & liquid flow controllers. Sell quartz & other
semiconductor equipment components.

Environment Associates, Chatsworth CA
818-998-0653, FAX 818-709-8914
Buy/sell/rent environmental test chambers & vibe systems.

Envirotronics, Grand Rapids MI
800-368-4768, 616-554-5020, FAX 616-554-5021
Buy/sell/repair/calibrate environmental test chambers.

Equipland, Fremont CA
510-770-9798, FAX 510-770-9799
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair new & used fiber optic telecom equipment,
fusion splicers, oscilloscopes, OTDRs, etc.

Equipment Consulting Services (ECS), Saugerties NY
845-246-1567, FAX 845-246-1595
Buy/sell/refurbish front end semiconductor production equipment.

Equipment Exchange, Phoenix AZ
800-570-0809, 602-256-7732, FAX 602-258-8725
Buy/sell preowned semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Equipment Services, Concord CA
925-686-2770, FAX 925-686-2771
Sells used SMT equipment, screen printers, dispensers, chip shooters, etc.

Equipment Technologies, Hudson NH
603-881-5253, FAX 603-881-5304
Buy/Sell/Rebuild used PCB equipment.

Equipment for Technology and Science (ETS), San Jose CA
408-360-0380, FAX 408-360-0390
Buy/sell semiconductor, wafer, optical, microelectronic,
vacuum, laboratory, instruments.

Ettaco, Tempe AZ
480-961-5168, FAX 480-961-5169
Buy/sell/remanufacture/service/spare parts PCB electronic assembly
equipment, SMT, thru-hole, and more.

Evergreen Solutions (ESI), Austin TX
Sell/service new, refurbished, used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Evey Engineering, Vineland NJ
856-692-2610, FAX 856-692-6554
Sell/Repair new & use vacuum pumps.

Expertech, Scotts Valley CA
831-439-9300, FAX 831-439-8139
Remanufacturer/buy/sell TEL, Thermco, Kokusai, Bruce, BTU, SVG,
Tempress, diffusion furnaces & accessories., San Diego CA
858-566-2945, FAX 858-566-2946
Sells used fab equipment geared towards semiconductor & optical industry.

FabExchange, Santa Clara CA
408-560-2900, FAX 408-608-1787
Buy/Sell/Auction semiconductor equipment, specializing in fab shutdowns.

FABSAVE, Pleasanton CA
Sell/Repair used semiconductor equipment, heater block,
bushing, lasers, ECC controller, RF generator.

Fastex, St. Petersburg FL
Buy/sell/broker used PCB assembly equipment - surface mount &

FocalSpot, San Diego CA
858-536-5050, FAX 858-536-5054
Sells new and used X-ray inspection equipment.

Focused Light Engraving, Longwood FL
407-830-8885, FAX 407-830-8885
Buy/Sell/Rent/Refurbish/Rebuild/Repair industrial Laser systems for
marking, engraving, cutting, trimming, soldering, & drilling.

Fortunetech, North Hampton, NH
603-964-3111, FAX 603-964-3114
Buy/Sell used SMT, PCB, in-circuit test, and semiconductor equipment.

The Furnace Source, Terryville CT
860-582-4201, FAX 860-584-8854
Sell/rent/lease vacuum furnaces, sintering furnaces, etc.

Gavula Engineering, Ventura CA
805-644-8822, FAX 805-644-5995
Sells surplus vacuum equipment.

GE Global Electronics Solutions, La Jolla CA
858-550-7408, FAX 858-550-7444
Buy/sell surplus semiconductor, PCA, ATE
and provide asset management services.

Giorgio Technology Sales and Service, Tempe AZ
480-917-3640, FAX 480-917-6571
Buy/Sell/Repair/Cal dicing saws, wafer washers, wafer mounters,
backgrinders, tapers, de-tapers.

GM Sullivan Controls, Temecula CA
951-303-2224, FAX 951-303-2227
Repair/Upgrade Thermco semiconductor furnaces.

Green Technology Investments, Mesa AZ
Sells used/refurbished semiconductor equipment, spare parts & service.

Group 5, Austin TX
512-385-2868, FAX 512-385-0126
Sale/liquidation of wafer fab (front end only) equipment., San Jose CA
408-390-6794 (3/08)
Buy/sell/refurbish/service previously owned
semiconductor process equipment & parts.

Harold Johns, Madison WI
608-221-1122, FAX 608-221-3526
Buy/sell electrical manufacturing equipment, ovens, chambers,
microscopes, lab, test, metallurgical equipment.

Helium Leak Testing, Northridge CA
800-423-1701, 818-349-5690, FAX 818-717-8584
Sell/Rent/Calibrate new & used helium leak testing equipment & vacuum

Heritage Equipment, Morgantown PA
610-286-1655, FAX 610-286-1682
Sells used laboratory & electronic manufacturing,
equipment, machinery, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic components.

Hesper Technologies, Syracuse NY
315-446-6987, FAX 315-446-6987
Sell/lease/repair/calibrate discrete device ATE,
specialize in Mastech, Hesper.

HGR Industrial Surplus, Euclid OH
216-486-4567, FAX 216-486-4779
Buy/sell used industrial equipment, semiconductor,
vacuum, test equipment, machine tools.

HIGH'born Technology, Boca Raton FL
561-470-1975, FAX 561-451-0803
Sell/Repair semiconductor pattern generators/steppers, photomask equipment.

Hi-Tech Equipment Sales & Service, Tempe AZ
Export & service of front end semiconductor
processing, assembly & test equipment.

Hi-Tech Sources, San Diego CA
858-689-0333, FAX 858-689-0347
Buy/sell/trade/refurbish/liquidate new, used, &
refurbished electronic assembly, SMT, test & THT equipment., Mount Holly NJ
609-518-9100, FAX 732-879-0389
Buy/sell new/used lab, analytical, scientific, pilot
plant, process equipment.

Holo-Spectra, Van Nuys CA
818-994-9577, FAX 818-994-4709
Buy/sell/rent/repair scientific, industrial, medical,
entertainment lasers & photonic equipment.

IBE SMT Equipment, Magnolia TX
800-353-6942, 281-259-9660, FAX 281-259-8863
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal surface mount equipment.
Fuji, Universal, MPM, DEK surface mount equipment.

Ideal Vacuum Products, Albuquerque NM
505-872-0037, FAX 505-872-9001
Buy/Sell/Repair new & used vacuum equipment.

Intec Equipment, Minden NV
775-783-7965, FAX 775-783-7966
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair used electronics assembly equipment,
surface mount, thru-hole, feeders, spare parts.

Integrated Components International (I.C.I.), Santa Barbara CA
805-966-6911, FAX 805-966-5640
Buy/sell/upgrade/lease/appraise semiconductor/wafer production,
process, optical, test, ate, & pcb equipment.

Intel Resale, Chandler AZ
Sells Intels used manufacturing equipment & assets.

International Clinical Lab, Tierra Verde FL
727-865-0815, FAX 727-522-0302
Buy/sell analytical equipment, gas chromatographs, mass
spectrometers, atomic absorbtion, microscopes.

International Equipment Trading, Vernon Hills IL
800-438-4522, 847-913-0777, FAX 847-913-0785
Buy/sell/rent/lease/trade pre-owned & new analytical lab instruments,
biotech, electron microscopes, chromatography, NMR, etc.

Jackson Oven Supply, Jackson MI
517-784-9660, FAX 517-784-9670
Manufacturer/Sales/Service/Parts new & used industrial ovens.

JAX Equipment Registry, Carlsbad CA
760-434-5336, FAX 760-434-4604
Listing Service, used optical equipment, autocollimators, comparitors,
grinders, polishers, lappers, coaters, etc.

Jensen Engineering/CIJR, Loganville GA
800-554-3841, FAX 770-207-1186
Rebuild/Sell vacuum pumps.

jvk Services, Coos Bay OR
541-269-4651, FAX 541-269-7390
Refurbish/upgrade Plasma Therm, Matrix,
Perkin Elmer Ultek, Technics, other brands also.

JMC Worldwide ATE Sales and Service, Newfield NJ
856-697-4400, FAX 856-697-1313
Buy/sell/lease/repair Sentry/Schlumberger, Teradyne Advantest,
Electroglas, MCT Handlers, Aetrium, Aseco, LTX, KLA.

J.M. Industries, North Billerica MA
978-663-5376, FAX 978-663-5433
Buy/sell/rent/lease refurbished semiconductor
manufacturing equipment, also rebuilds vacuum pumps.

JMW Enterprises, Winona MN
507-474-4410, FAX 507-474-4411
Buy/Sell/Broker/Rebuild electronic assembly equipment, SMT, through-
hole, wave solder, reflow ovens, etc.

John Ryburn Services, Lanagan MO
417-436-2480, FAX 417-436-2799
Repair/Upgrade/Training Thermco furnaces, ASM Plasma Systems & PECVD.

Johnstone Associates, Los Altos CA
650-949-3566, FAX 206-279-9106
Sells used high-vacuum & semiconductor process equipment.

J S Technical Service, Aubrey TX
940-382-2934, FAX 940-898-0150
Buy/sell/repair/field service Siemens analytical XRF & XRD equipment.

JWN & Associates, Hudson MA
978-562-8500, FAX 978-562-8511
Sell/Repair wire bonders, pick & place, ultrasonic cleaners, welders,
Hughes, K&S, Orthodyne., San Diego, CA
858-485-9390, FAX 858-485-8916
Buy/sell electronic & semiconductor manufacturing,
process, assembly & test equipment.

KKDepot, Bergen NY
585-494-1930, FAX 585-494-1991
Sells new & used industrial automation equipment & parts.

KS Equipment, Watsonville CA
831-722-7173, FAX 831-722-2038
Buy/sell/rebuild/service Perkin Elmer projection
aligners & Ultratech steppers.

Labtek, Campbell CA
408-871-7700, FAX 408-871-7800
New & used microscopes & accessories, fiber optics, CCD cameras, etc.

Laco Technologies, Salt Lake City UT
800-465-1004, 801-486-1004, FAX 801-486-1007
Buy/sell/rent/repair vacuum gauge & leak calibration
Alcatel, Edwards, MKS, HPS, dry pump systems.

LACAR Industries, Sahuarita AZ
520-903-4412, FAX 520-207-0398
Buy/sell/refurbish ion mills, plasma systems, metrology,
semiconductor equipment.

Laminar Technologies, Santa Clara CA
800-229-4700, 408-988-6776, FAX 408-988-4312
Sell/repair/cal new & rebuilt mass flow controllers (MFC) & transducers.

Laser Innovations, Santa Paula CA
805-933-0015, FAX 805-933-0042 (3/08)
Sell/rent/repair Coherent Ion, Solid State, & Dye laser systems.

Laser Resale, Hudson MA
978-568-9988, FAX 978-568-8786
Buy/sell used lasers & optical laboratory equipment.

Laser Surplus Sales, Dallas TX
214-631-5273, FAX 214-631-5274
Buy/sell lasers, optics, scientific test equipment.

Lassen High Vacuum, Mountain View CA
650-961-5551, FAX 650-961-5556
Sell/Service refurbished cryogenic vacuum pumps & compressors.

LDS Vacuum Products, Longwood FL
407-862-4643, FAX 407-862-8723
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal vacuum equipment,
leak detectors and calibrated gas leaks.

Lewis and Clark, Nashua NH
603-594-4229, FAX 603-594-0554
Buy/sell manufacturing & PCB equipment, SMT, chip shooters, ATE.

Life Medical Equipment, Miami FL
800-749-4646, 305-594-0000, FAX 305-594-2020
Buy/sell/trade/repair microscopes, sterilizers, flow hoods,
viscometers, HPLC, chromatographs, freeze dryers, ovens.

LMDC, Union City CA
510-429-1060, FAX 510-429-1065
Buy/sell/rent/lease lasers, optics, motion stages, controllers,
systems, cameras.

Logan Technologies, Temple TX
254-773-4070, FAX 254-773-0041
Buy/sell used semiconductor equipment, front-end
processing equipment, plasma, cvd, metrology.

Longoria Refurbished Equipment, Hanover Park IL
Buy/Sell lapping, polishing & grinding equipment refurbishing & sales.

Lorlin Test Systems, Natick MA
508-879-1827, FAX 508-879-9582
Buy/sell/repair/cal used semiconductor testers, handlers,
probers, ATE, Teradyne, LTX, HP, Symtek.

LR Environmental Equipment, Los Angeles CA
800-574-2748, 323-770-0643, FAX 323-770-0105
Sell/rent/lease used test equipment,
environmental chambers, vacuum equipment, ovens.

Luna Technical Sales, Lewisville TX
972-353-2707, FAX 972-353-2722
Sells new & used wire bonders & die attach equipment,
brokers of semiconductor assembly equipment.

LV Service Enterprise, San Jose CA
408-559-8993, FAX 408-559-6008
Buy/sell/rent/repair refurbished Canon semiconductor equipment.

Machine World, Redding CA
530-246-1911, FAX 530-246-0775
Buy/sell/repair/cal coaters, developers, cleaners,
spin rinse dryer, manual spinner, grinder, test equipment.

Mandis, Morgan Hill CA
408-776-7878, FAX 408-776-7888
Buy/sell/refurbish semiconductor ATE equipment,
LTX product line, parts & full systems.

MarTek, Tempe AZ
480-947-5757, FAX 480-967-5757
Buy/sell/lease/repair Electroglas wafer probers models

M2 Associates, Sunnyvale CA
888-402-2778, FAX 888-901-4166
Buy/sell/rent microscopes and related equipment.

Meadows Instrumentation, Zion IL
847-872-3317, FAX 847-872-3316
Sells used & refurbished HPLC & GC lab equipment; Waters, Agilent.

MEI, Albany OR
877-858-3270, FAX 541-917-3626
Sells used semiconductor wet benches.

408-975-7000, FAX 408-975-7007
Buy/sell/rent/lease/rebuild semiconductor testers & handlers.

Memco, Hohenwald TN
931-796-6999, FAX 931-796-6998
Buy/Sell/Repair/Cal used Lorlin & Tesec ATE,
hardware & software upgrades.

Meredith Instruments, Glendale AZ
623-934-9387, FAX 623-934-9482
Sells lasers, night vision/IR viewers, optics.

MHZ Electronics, Phoenix AZ
866-649-3532, 602-681-9100, FAX 602-681-3850
Buy/sell new & used test equipment, semiconductor manufacturing
equipment, equipment manuals.

Midwest Laser Products, Frankfort IL
815-462-9500, FAX 815-462-8955
Sells used lasers.

Miller Design and Equipment, Bend OR
541-317-1020, FAX 541-317-8329
Manufacture & refurbish prober systems.

Mission Technology, Milpitas CA
408-262-0177, FAX 408-262-0188
Rebuild SVG track systems. Spare parts.

MK Photonics, Albuquerque NM
505-294-5654, FAX 505-294-1257
Buy/sell/lease used optical instruments, components &
polishing/optical fabrication equipment.

MPE, Greenville TX
903-527-3790, FAX 903-527-3740
Buy/sell used & rebuilt dicing saws,
various semiconductor assembly equipment.

MR Resources, Fitchburg MA
978-345-9010, FAX 978-345-4430
Buy/sell/trade/repair Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
equipment, parts, MRI & CT scanners.

MRO Electric, Cary NC
800-691-8511, 919-367-6379, FAX 919-415-1614
Buy/sell MRO, CNC & PLC items.

Multi Imager Service, Chino CA
800-400-4549, 909-591-6444, FAX 909-591-5293
Buy/Sell/Service medical imaging equipment, laser imagers,
film printers, laser cameras, computed radiography.

Musser and Associates, Fountain Valley CA
714-434-0441, FAX 714-434-6278
Buy/sell/install/repair optical tables,
pneumatic/rigid legs, components.

MV Technical Sales, Carlsbad CA
760-930-8950, FAX 760-930-9329
Buy/sell/rent/lease/calibrate/upgrade legacy test
system (i.e.: LTX) equipment, parts, repair, field service.

Myriad Semiconductor, Garfield AR
479-359-0045, FAX 479-359-0046
Buy/Sell/Repair/Upgrade Kasper & Quintel mask aligners,
Eaton & LSI wafer track systems.

National A.T.E., Framingham MA
Sell/buy/repair/refurbish semiconductor production equipment:
semi test systems, handlers, FAB, & wafer probers.

National Microscope Exchange, Carnation WA
800-851-7635, 425-788-2662, FAX 425-788-3563
Sales/repair new & used microscopes.

NEA, Londonderry NH
603-669-6080, FAX 603-669-7033
Buy/sell/rent/lease/service reconditioned assembly, ATE, PCB equipment.

Netco, Knapp WI
903-487-0896, FAX 480-393-5171
Buy/sell placement, screen printers, reflow ovens, wave solder, inspection.

Neutronix - Quintel, Morgan Hill CA
408-776-5190, FAX 408-776-1039
Sells remanufactured mask aligners. Repairs mask aligners. Field service.

Nevada Vacuum, Upland CA
877-934-4822, 909-982-4334, FAX 909-982-4335
Sells new & used high vacuum equipment, leak detectors,
deposition equipment, parts.

Northwave Technology, West Newbury MA
978-363-2411, FAX 978-562-3509
Buy/sell/broker semiconductor ATE, test handlers,
inspection equipment, back end equipment.

NTC Tech, Rancho Cordova CA
916-538-6304, FAX 916-235-9300
Buy/Sell laboratory/biotech/medical/chemical equipment.

NxEdge Secondary Market Group, Austin TX
512-933-1100, FAX 512-933-1272
Buy/sell semiconductor equipment, pumps,
chillers, RF generators & new OEM parts.

Odyssey Technical Solutions, Round Rock TX
877-989-7007, 512-989-7007 FAX 512-989-8118
Repair/Sell used RF & microwave generators, automatch networks,
ENI, Seren, Applied Materials, etc.

OEM Group, Gilbert AZ
480-609-8565, FAX 480-609-9132
Sell/Service new & remanufactured semiconductor equipment,
upgrades, spare parts., Scotts Valley CA
831-438-4999, FAX 831-438-1436
Sell/repair microscopes, eutectic die bonders.

Optic Solutions, Phoenix AZ
602-256-6102, FAX 602-258-8725
Sells new & used industrial, laboratory, & metallurgical microscopes.

Optisales, Fairlawn VA
540-230-9855, FAX 408-694-3344
Sells semiconductor & optoelectronic equipment, lightwave & electronic
test equipment. Worldwide sales.

OutBack Equipment, Gilroy CA
408-886-3700, FAX 408-886-3711
Buy/sell/Asset Management bonders, probers, semiconductor
fab/production/assembly, test, lab, inspection equipment.

Pacific Capital Equipment, Santa Clara CA
408-529-1145, FAX 408-727-6555
Buy/Sell/Appraise used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Paxco, Lewisville TX
972-219-2523, FAX 972-219-6046
Buy/sell/repair Micro Automation dicing saws.

Petlock Transportation, Vancouver WA
877-738-5625, 360-906-8400 FAX 360-906-8401
Buy/sell electronic assembly machinery. Warehousing & equipment moving.

PFI of Florida, Apopka FL
407-880-9900, FAX 407-650-2800
Sells new & used electronic assembly & production equipment

PG Enterprises, West Hills CA
Sell/repair manual bonders, epoxy die attach, pick/place,
& misc spare parts.

Phoenix Test Systems, Glendale AZ
Buy/Sell/Service/Calibrate/Repair HP/Agilent, GenRad, Teradyne,
board test ATE systems.

PhotoMachining, Pelham NH
603-882-9944, FAX 603-886-8844
Sells used electronic test equipment, lasers, microscopes, optomechanics,
cleanroom & lab equipment, etc.

Photonic Microdevices, Murray Hill NJ
908-464-5696, FAX 561-750-5461
Sells used & surplus semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Plasmatek Labs, Carson City NV
800-770-7520, 775-885-2900, FAX 775-885-2922
Buy/sell/trade/service plasma processing equipment for
semiconductor, electronics, & other industries.

Powerchip Equipment, Livermore CA
925-447-9136, FAX 925-447-9128
Buy/sell new & used semiconductor, process equipment, microscopes,
vacuum, optical, ultrasonics, photolithography, hoods, SEMs.

Power Quality, Yuma AZ
800-877-7844, 928-344-9008, FAX 928-344-8847
Sell/Buy/Repair/Lease new & used power monitors, power filters,
harmonic filters, power conditioners.

Precision Placement Machines, Fremont NH
603-895-5112, FAX 603-895-5113
Buy/sell/refurbish used surface mount & thru hole machinery.

Probe Specialist, Morgan Hill CA
408-982-9123, FAX 408-982-9124
Buy/sell used Electroglas probers.

ProTemp Mechanical, Santa Clara CA
408-244-9821, FAX 408-980-9358
Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair environmental test equipment, .

PTB Sales, Azusa CA
866-332-0500, 626-334-0500, FAX 626-334-2151
Buy/sell/refurbish used vacuum equipment, pumps, gauges, systems,
leak detectors.

Quality Manufacturing Services, San Diego CA
888-454-4254, 858-653-6603, FAX 858-653-6721
Buy/sell surface mount manufacturing equipment SMT,
through hole equipment.

Questar Products, Pleasanton CA
925-461-0100, FAX 925-461-0200
Buy/Sell/Repair new & used wire bonders.

Quintronix, Hayward CA
800-448-2123, 510-786-0439, FAX 510-786-4592
Buy/sell/rent/repair new & used vacuum & process equipment.

R-1 Source / World Equipment Source, San Diego CA
858-693-1991, FAX 858-693-8339
Buy/sell/trade/refurbish PCB assembly equipment,
test equipment, wavesolder, pick & place, screen printers.

RDY, Ventura CA
805-658-1331, FAX 805-658-1049
Sales of used test, semiconductor, optical equipment.

Recon, Concord NC
888-795-6616, 704-795-6610, FAX 704-723-6540
Buy/sell/lease/service/training used SMT & PTH assembly equipment.

Recycled Goods, Ventura CA
800-644-3190, 805-644-3100, FAX 805-644-3170
Buy/sell surplus equipment for science & industry:
electronic test, research & lab, computer equipment.

Reliance Specialty Products, Elk Grove Village IL
847-640-8923, FAX 847-640-8974
Buy/sell/rent/refurbish vapor degreasers, stills, aqueous parts washers.

ReMarkit Enterprises, Austin TX
888-771-2072, 512-263-0401, FAX 512-263-0416
Buy/sell refurbished Markem marking equipment & associated equipment.

Remington Test, Sunnyvale CA
408-745-1442, FAX 408-564-4262
Sells new & used semiconductor test equipment, manual & automatic
probers, four point probes, microscopes.

Rhetech, Coopersburg PA
610-282-0105, FAX 610-282-0789
Buy/sell/refurbish/upgrade/lease semiconductor wet process
capital equipment, spin rinser dryers & solvent tools.

Rise Tech Precision, Hayward CA
510-675-0332, FAX 510-217-6901
Sells used semiconductor production equipment, Applied Materials,
KLA Tencor, lithography, CVD, sputtering equipment, etc.

Rite Track, West Chester OH
513-881-7820, FAX 513-881-7822
Buy used/sell remanufactured & new SVG & Rite Track coat & develop

Ron Goforth Company, West Palm Beach FL
561-310-1076, FAX 561-616-4325
Buy/sell/rent/lease used PCB assembly production
equipment, SMT assembly equipment.

RPM Technical Services, Sunnyvale CA
408-734-9915, FAX 408-734-9914
Buy/sell/repair/lease/cal back end semiconductor assembly
equipment (wire bonders, wafer saws, die attach).

RT Instruments, Woodland CA
530-666-6700, FAX 530-662-2875
Sells refurbished thermal analysis instruments.

San Diego Exchange, San Marcos CA
760-471-4727, FAX 760-944-8821
Sells new & used SMT equipment, reconditioned feeders, printers,
pick & place, environmental chambers, etc.

Scearce Laser, Roseville MI
866-575-9004, 586-779-9004, FAX 586-283-0314
Buy/Sell/Broker used industrial lasers.

Scientific Equipment Exchange, San Diego CA
858-675-0026, FAX 858-675-0027
Buy/sell used laboratory & research equipment,
bio lab equipment, balances, centrifuges, hoods,
microscopes, etc.

Scientific Support, Hayward CA
877-831-5580, 510-783-1127, FAX 510-783-1168
Buy/sell/rent refurbished lab, analytical, & biotech equipment.

S&D Materials, Rochester NH
603-330-3296, FAX 603-330-3419
Sells semiconductor sapphire/quartz spares, refurbish
copper/sapphire tube applicators.

SDI Fabsurplus, Portland OR
Multinational brokerage. Refurbish Nikon, KLA, Gasonics, Ultratech,
Varian, AMAT equipment.

Second Source, Hopewell Junction NY
845-226-8710, FAX 845-226-8713
Sell/service new automated sputtering equipment,
Perkin Elmer sputtering equipment parts.

Semiconductor Equipment Services, Burleson TX
817-447-1906, FAX 817-447-9878
Sells new & used equipment & parts: implant,
thinfilm/sputtering, die saws.

Semicore Equipment, Livermore CA
925-373-8201, FAX 925-373-8202
Buy/sell automated vacuum sputtering and evaporation systems.

SemiSurplus, West Chester OH
513-870-0140, FAX 888-231-2495
Buy/sell/lease/appraisal/consulting semiconductor production equipment.

Semtronix, Union City CA
510-487-7401, FAX 510-324-2340
Buy/sell/refurbish Hitachi SEM & CD SEM, 6280, 8640, 8820, 9260.

SERCO Technical Services, Livermore CA
800-483-0508, 925-443-2048, FAX 925-443-2049
Repair, sell, upgrade, modification, field servicing of microscopes.

SERT Systems, Durham NC
919-625-2630, FAX 919-572-9705
Buy/sell/refurbish/service Varian sputter systems & implanters,
Novellus Dieletric, Perkin-Elmer Sputter, CHA MK40/50

Service Support Specialties, Montville NJ
973-263-0640, FAX 973-263-8888
Sell/repair/remanufacture MTI Track systems, Eaton Tracks.

SESA, Santa Clara CA
408-988-5816, FAX 408-988-5817
Buy/sell/service/spares new & used failure analysis &
back end semiconductor production systems.

Silicon Services Consortium, Austin TX
512-389-0433, FAX 512-389-3377
Buy/sell/refurbish/upgrade PVD, CVD, & etch semiconductor equipment.

Silicon Valley Probers, Rivermore CA
Buy/Sell/Repair Electroglas & KLA wafer probers, manual probers,
nn-site service.

Silicon Valley Techparts, San Jose CA
Sells PLC's, servo-motors, semiconductor equipment components,
wafer-handing robots, etc.

Sitek Process Solution, Roseville CA
916-797-9000, FAX 916-797-9009
Buy/sell/refurbish all front end wafer fab equipment.
MTI, photolithography tracks, Semitool.

SMT Sales, Horseheads NY
607-739-4497, FAX 607-739-4978
Buy/sell used SMT & through hole equipment.

SMT Technologies, Binghamton NY
607-772-2900, FAX 607-772-2303
Buy/sell/service/repair reconditioned printed circuit board
assembly equipment.

Spectra Services, Webster NY
800-955-7732, 585-265-4320, FAX 585-265-4374
Used microscopes, stages, video cameras.

Spectrum Process Equipment, Wernersville PA
610-693-8141, FAX 801-218-4326
Buy/sell used semiconductor manufacturing,
laboratory & research equipment.

SperryTek, Mesa AZ
480-539-6444, FAX 480-659-5608
Buy/Sell/Repair dicing saws, wire bonders, K&S, ADT, onsite service.

Stepper Equipment, Rocklin CA
916-632-1031, FAX 916-632-1018
Buy/sell/repair/upgrade Ultratech wafer steppers.

Sterling Resale Optics, Erie CO
FAX 720-890-4627
Sells surplus optical components, lenses, mirrors, filters.

Sunshine Semiconductor, Casselberry FL
407-696-8827, FAX 407-696-8829
Buy/sell/service Kulicke & Soffa wirebonders, diebonders & saws.

Surplus Process Equipment, Santa Clara CA
408-654-9500, FAX 408-654-9400
Buy/sell semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

SV Tech, Sunnyvale CA
408-744-9998, FAX 408-744-9899
Used semiconductor equipment brokerage.
Spare parts & repair for DNS, TEL & AMAT.

TAMS (Test and Measurement Systems), Loveland CO
970-669-6553, FAX 970-669-3090
Sell/repair/rent computers, instrument controllers,
HP workstations, PC's for T+M.

Team A.T.E., Denver CO
303-628-7722, FAX 303-628-7727
Buy/sell used semiconductor test & assembly equipment,
board testers, wafer probers, handlers.

Techlink, Fremont CA
510-490-7688, FAX 510-490-7699
Buy/sell aligner, CVD, etcher, implanter, microlithography,
diffusion, sputter, cleaner, tester.

Technical Engineering Services, Santa Cruz CA
831-429-8992, FAX 831-429-5015
Buy/sell/repair high vacuum systems, semiconductor equipment.

Tech Equipment Sales, Norristown PA
610-279-0370, FAX 610-279-0312
Buy/sell computers & peripherals, measuring, lab,
pharmaceutical, medical equipment.

TEK Supply, Woodstock IL
800-835-7244, 815-334-1688, FAX 815-334-1370
Buy/sell/rent/lease/rebuild Programmable Logic
Controllers (PLCs).

Telenet Semiconductor 2000, San Jose CA
408-573-1027, FAX 408-573-1009
Buy/Sell refurbished semiconductor production equipment, etchers,
mask aligners, steppers, furnaces, probers, etc.

Tenney Equipment, Grove City PA
724-748-6500, FAX 724-748-6501
Buy/sell PCB assembly, wave solder, belt furnaces, vacuum systems,
lasers, screen printers.

Test Advantage, Tempe AZ
480-337-3377, FAX 480-337-3370
Buy/sell/refurbish/rent/lease ATE & wafer probers, Teradyne M365
& TSD replacements.

Test Electronics, Watsonville CA
831-763-2000, FAX 831-763-2085
Remanufacture bed of nails circuit board test fixtures.

TFS Technologies, Albuquerque NM
800-795-7977, 505-856-1480, FAX 505-344-1292
Sell/Buy/Repair used vacuum equipment, rebuilt CTI cryopumps,
vacuum chambers, valves, gauges, vacuum evaporators.

Thinking Productivity, Dripping Springs TX
512-264-3788, FAX 512-264-8443
Buy/sell used PCB manufacturing equipment, screen printers,
pick 'n place, ovens, chip shooters.

TLC Equipment, Dallas TX
800-348-7550, 214-348-1221, FAX 972-270-2895
Buy/sell/rent/lease/auction electronics & semiconductor
manufacturing, packaging & test equipment.

TND Service, Londonderry NH
603-437-4755, FAX 603-425-7533
Buy/sell/lease/recondition/service wave soldering systems &
PCB manufacturing equipment.

Total Surplus, Marlboro NY
845-236-6650, FAX 845-236-6648 (2/08)
Sells surplus electronic test equipment, semiconductor equipment,
microscopes, audio/video equipment.

Tri-Bay Systems, Santa Clara CA
408-855-8492, FAX 408-855-8494
Buy/Sell refurbished ion implanters, vacuum systems,
semiconductor equipment parts.

Trillium SubFab Services, Clackamas OR
503-682-3837, FAX 503-682-3803
Service & sales of vacuum pumps & related subfab equipment.

Troy SMT, El Paso TX
915-593-1283, FAX 915-990-2009
Sells used PCB production and test equipment.

TSEL Partners, Boston MA
508-261-7887, FAX 508-261-9699
Buy/sell/lease/auction wafer fab equipment.

TTL Automation, Sarasota FL
941-379-8262, FAX 941-378-3097
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal pumps, leak detectors,
evaporation systems, sputtering units, box coaters, metalizers.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools, Valencia CA
661-257-2288, FAX 661-257-3833
Buy/sell used diamond sawing equipment, dicing, wafering,
sectioning, & gang saws, slicing machines.

ULT Services, Ontario NY
315-524-4779, FAX 315-524-3701
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate used environmental test chambers..

Used Equipment Sales, Albuquerque NM
505-345-8732, FAX 505-345-8730
Buy/Sell surplus semiconductor production equipment.

US Equipment Exchange, Minneapolis MN
612-588-9553, FAX 612-588-9213
Buy/Sell/Broker used ovens, chambers, test, lab, semiconductor
manufacturing equipment.

Ventex, San Jose CA
408-436-2929, FAX 408-436-2928
Buy/sell/service/training Canon wafer steppers, spares.

Viking Electronics of New England, Nashua NH
603-880-7355, FAX 603-880-8733
Sell/Service used SMT equipment, feeders, reflow ovens, screen printers.

Vortex Control Systems, Richardson TX
972-669-3953, FAX 972-699-8414
Buy/sell/lease/service/parts semiconductor equipment,
probers (EG), probe card/inspection equipment, microscopes.

Voyager Equipment, Denver CO
303-355-6810, FAX 303-331-0103
Buy/Sell used SMT & through-hole assembly equipment.

Wafer Inspection Services, Duxbury MA
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal/install/train inspection systems:
0.10 micron detection / wafers, discs, photomask, critical
dimension, biomedical.

Wafer Systems Technologies, San Jose CA
408-224-9444, FAX 408-224-9448
Buy/Sell/Trade/Repair wafer probers, Electroglas, TEL, etc.

Waste-Not Recycling, Loveland CO
800-584-9912, 970-669-9912, FAX 970-669-9926
Recycles or liquidates surplus materials of many kinds.

Welding & Metallurgical Equipment, Fort Walton Beach FL
850-244-1665, FAX 850-244-4154
Buy/Sell/Broker/Refurbish electron beam welding equipment
& vacuum equipment.

West Technical, Battle Ground WA
Buy/Sell/Repair Markem marking machines.

XL Technology, Phoenix AZ
602-220-0750, FAX 602-220-0749
semiconductor wafer fab equipment & metrology.

X-Line Asset Management, San Jose CA
408-717-4538, FAX 270-573-8797
Consign/Online Auction surplus test, SMT, PCB, semiconductor production

X-RAY NOW, Tustin CA
714-396-2519, FAX 714-544-0137
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate reconditioned XRF equipment.
Onsite repair.

Xsys Engineering, Mountain House CA
408-835-8034, FAX 209-836-6010
Buy/Sell/Service/Refurbish semiconductor, solar,
LED, hard-disk equipment. On-site service & parts.

Xytek Industries, Detroit MI
313-838-6961, FAX 313-838-3960
Buy/sell/lease reconditioned vibration equipment,
Thermotron chambers, instrumentation, recorders.

Yeagle Technology, Ashford CT
860-429-1908, FAX 860-429-7176
Sell/Repair new & used vacuum equpment, RGA repair, field service.

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