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Oscilloscopes, Meters, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Supplies, etc.

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32 countries represented by over 240 companies.

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i.e.: Autoclaves, Balances, Centrifuges, Chromatography, CT, FTIR, Hoods
HPLC, Incubators, Medical Lasers, Metallurgy, Microplate Instrumentation,
Microscopes, MRI, NMR, Sequencers, Spectrophotometers, Ultrasound, XRF, etc.

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Replace that missing operating or service manual.

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Electronic, dimensional, lightwave, environmental equipment cal.

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Repair of electronics, microscopes, vacuum, robotics, lasers, etc.

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Equipment financing. Equipment moving. Misc services.

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101 Equipment, Sunnyvale CA
408-744-0142, FAX 408-744-0146
Sell/Repair used semiconductor robots including Brooks/PRI Automation.

AB Commercial Services, Zieglerville PA
610-543-3637, FAX 610-543-0646
Sells/liquidates laboratory, medical,
electronic test & manufacturing equipment.

Access, Hudson WI
715-386-8021, FAX 715-386-7474
Sells used laser engraving & marking equipment.

A&J Vacuum Services, Clifton NJ
973-249-0854, FAX 973-249-0855
Sell/Repair new & used turbo pumps, dry pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.

Airvac Technical Services, Bethel CT
800-678-1052, FAX 203-798-2447
Sell/Repair Nash vacuum pumps & compressors.

Allwin21, Santa Clara CA
408-988-5188, FAX 408-904-7168
Buy/Sell/Lease RTA, RTP, Ashers, Strippers, Descum,
Etching, RIE, PECVD, ICP, Probers,

Alpha Force, Fremont CA
Used Electroglas and Rucker + Kolls wafer probers, parts & service.

American Electronic Components, Austin TX
512-385-6200, FAX 512-385-6205
Buy/sell/consign used semiconductor production equipment,
electronic test equipment, & spare parts.

Anderson Lasers, Seville OH
216-990-0563, FAX 330-769-1596
Sells used lasers, optical components, vacuum equipment.

ASC International, Maple Plain MN
888-478-2912, 763-478-6200, FAX 763-478-6206
Buy/sell/lease laser-based measurement equipment and
lead forming equipment.

Asset Reliance International, Carlsbad CA
888-505-0755, FAX 760-510-8362
Auction/liquidate/broker/appraise semiconductor, biotech, electronics,
assembly, PCB, medical, test, inspection.

AG Semiconductor Services, Stamford CT
203-322-5300, FAX 203-322-6600
semiconductor wafer fab equipment.

Austin Cryogenics, Dripping Springs TX
Buy/Sell new & used cryopumps & cryopump components.

Avitar Unlimited, Sanford FL
407-330-1960, FAX 407-330-3838
Buy/sell test equipment, microscopes, ovens, chambers, etc.

AXIC, Santa Clara CA
800-475-2762, 408-980-0240, FAX 408-980-0524
Sells used semiconductor production equipment.

Axus Technology, Chandler AZ
480-705-8000, FAX 480-705-8011
Sells new & used semiconductor, material planarization and
polishing equipment.

Bid Service, Freehold NJ
732-863-9500, FAX 732-863-1255
Buy/sell used semiconductor, vacuum, test equipment,
evaporators, chillers, probers, wire bonders, etc.

Bi Optic, Santa Clara CA
408-736-2116, FAX 408-736-9627
Microscope sales & repair. Authorized Olympus service center.

BL Enterprises, Belmont CA
209-736-0684, FAX 209-736-0618
Broker/auctioneer semiconductor, test, biotechnology, analytical equipment,
fume hoods, incubators, spectrophotometers, microscopes, etc.

BMI Surplus, Hanover MA
781-871-8868, FAX 781-871-7412
Buy/sell optical equipment, lasers, semiconductor production
equipment, vacuum equipment, vibration test.

Bos-Tek, Santa Clara CA
408-667-3446, FAX 509-461-2543
Sell/Repair used semiconductor robots Equipe, Brooks, PRI Automation.

Broadway Engineering Services Team (B.E.S.T.), Gilbert AZ
800-721-2378, 480-507-7991, FAX 480-507-8120
Sells refurbished Applied Materials equipment & spare parts.

Cal Semi, Fremont CA
510-687-9960, FAX 510-656-2318
Buy/sell/rebuild/manufacture front-end semiconductor equip.,
new furnaces, cantilever loaders & wet benches.

CapEx Outsource, Burnsville MN
952-890-7321, FAX 952-890-9557
Buy/sell/trade semiconductor manufacturing equipment,
pumps, parts, peripherals.

Capital Equipment Exchange, McHenry IL
815-363-0800, FAX 815-363-0809
Buy/sell/refurb pcb assembly equipment, Fuji, Universal, Panasonic,
DEK, MPM, Heller, BTU.

Capovani Brothers, Scotia NY
518-346-8347, FAX 518-381-9578
Buy/sell semiconductor, microelectronic, optical, laboratory,
vacuum & related equipment.

Cascade TEK, Hillsboro OR
888-835-9250, 503-648-1818, FAX 503-648-1798
Buy/sell/cal/field service ovens, environmental chambers, vibe systems.

Catalyst Equipment, Plano TX
972-943-0808, FAX 972-943-0809
Buy/sell/refurbish/appraise semiconductor process, assembly
test and scientific equipment.

C & C Technologies, Apex NC
866-938-3782, 919-362-1116, FAX 919-362-0380
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal refurbished environmental chambers.

Chiller City, Mesa AZ
877-244-5501, 480-889-1092, FAX 602-532-7545
Buy/sell/service used recirculating chillers, baths, heat exchangers,
temperature forcing equipment. Online manuals.

CHiP Semiconductor, Austin TX
512-203-4367, FAX 206-203-2003
Buy/Sell front-end semiconductor equipment.

Choice Equipment, Longwood FL
407-330-2700, FAX 407-330-2772
Buy/sell/repair used PCB (SMT & thru hole) assembly equipment,
placement equipment, wave solders.

Clark Industries, Topeka KS
785-478-9669, FAX 785-478-0714
Repair/sell vacuum components for cryopumps and compressors.

ClassOne Equipment, Decatur GA
770-808-8708, FAX 770-808-8308
Buy/sell used semiconductor equipment, etchers,
mask aligners, coaters, probers, etc.

CMTec NA, Temple PA
215-694-7034, FAX 610-743-8480
Buy/Sell electronic production / semiconductor manufacturing
misc high tech.

Coastal Instruments, Burgaw NC
800-632-4357 (2/08)
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate mass flow controllers, vacuum gauges.

Compass Technologies International, Glendale AZ
Broker semiconductor, circuit board, test & analytical
equipment. Specializing in Asian & European markets.

Complete Probe Solutions, Gilroy CA
408-852-0209, FAX 408-413-5290
Refurbished Electroglas probers. TSK & TEL support.

Conation Technologies, Puyallup WA
Buy/Sell/Refurbish/Repair/Parts semiconductor manufacturing
equipment, KLA, AMAT, Vistec, Hitachi, Thermawave. Field service.

Cool Pair Plus, Herminie PA
724-446-1181, FAX 724-446-1182
Sell/Repair cryopumps, compressors, cold heads, MRIs.

Culver Consulting, Ventura CA
805-684-3974, FAX 805-684-3974
Buy/sell/service new & used semiconductor process tools,
test equipment & spare parts.

Degreasing Devices, Southbridge MA
508-765-0045, FAX 508-764-0577
Buy/sell/rent/retrofit/repair used vapor degreasers & aqueous
parts washers.

Denver Test Systems, Phoenix AZ
888-641-8637, 602-393-2770, FAX 877-329-2387, 602-393-2779
Buy/sell/lease/repair used board test systems,
HP/Agilent, Teradyne, GenRad, AOI, X-Ray.

Direct Source Surplus, Wake Forest NC
919-556-8930, FAX 919-562-2165
Buy/sell/refurbish front end, etchers, CVD, PVD, steppers,
tracks, probers, inspection, evaporators, ovens.

DNA Equipment, Parma OH
440-886-4383, FAX 440-886-4384
Sells used lasers, laser parts, optical & electronic test equipment.

Dodson Technical Services, Brea CA
714-993-2079, FAX 714-993-9173
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate new & used vibration test equipment,
accelerometers, transducers, shakers, amplifiers, parts, field service.

Duniway Stockroom, Mountain View CA
800-446-8811, 650-969-8811, FAX 650-965-0764
Sells used vacuum equipment - gauges, pumps, valves, leak detectors.

E. McGrath, Salem MA
877-744-3546, 978-744-3546, FAX 978-741-4020
Buy/Sell used semiconductor, vacuum, glassworking, welding,
coil winders, microscopes, lab, ovens, chambers, etc.

Eastern Applied Research, Lockport NY
716-625-8311, FAX 716-625-8319
Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate/Repair new & used XRF
(X-ray Fluorescence) instruments.

ECM Equipment Sales, Homosassa FL
Sells used SMT & PCB automation equipment.

Econoscope, Mount Hamilton CA
Sell/Rent/Repair/Calibrate Temptronic equipment,
air temperature forcing units, hot & cold chucks, chambers.

Edwards Technical Support, Temecula CA
951-699-3460, FAX 951-699-3460
Sales/service/parts/retrofit kits for mask aligners.
On-site repair HTG, ABM, Quintel, Neutronix, Kasper, Eaton aligners., Phoenix AZ
877-773-3423, 623-582-5560
Buy/sell/rent new & used fiber optic equipment.

Electronic Technology Corporation, Saint Charles IL
630-584-2050, FAX 630-584-2117
Buy/sell used electronic production equipment.

Ellingsen Research & Development, Lewisville PA
Sells used R&D equipment, glove boxes,
inert furnaces, HV power supplies, machine tools.

Enhanced Production Technologies, Hutto TX
866-378-7837, 512-759-2009, FAX 512-846-2498
Nikon NSR stepper & scanner repair, relocation, training, sales.
Semiconductor equipment brokerage.

Enoch Engineering Services, Milpitas CA
408-263-1000, FAX 408-263-1011 (3/08)
Buy/Sell/Repair mass & liquid flow controllers. Sell quartz & other
semiconductor equipment components.

Environment Associates, Chatsworth CA
818-998-0653, FAX 818-709-8914
Buy/sell/rent environmental test chambers & vibe systems.

Envirotronics, Grand Rapids MI
800-368-4768, 616-554-5020, FAX 616-554-5021
Buy/sell/repair/calibrate environmental test chambers.

Equipment Services, Concord CA
925-686-2770, FAX 925-686-2771
Sells used SMT equipment, screen printers, dispensers, chip shooters, etc.

Equipment Technologies, Hudson NH
603-881-5253, FAX 603-881-5304
Buy/Sell/Rebuild used PCB equipment.

Evergreen Solutions (ESI), Austin TX
Sell/service new, refurbished, used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Evey Engineering, Vineland NJ
856-692-2610, FAX 856-692-6554
Sell/Repair new & use vacuum pumps.

Expertech, Scotts Valley CA
831-439-9300, FAX 831-439-8139
Remanufacturer/buy/sell TEL, Thermco, Kokusai, Bruce, BTU, SVG,
Tempress, diffusion furnaces & accessories.

FabExchange, Santa Clara CA
408-560-2900, FAX 408-608-1787
Buy/Sell/Auction semiconductor equipment, specializing in fab shutdowns.

Focused Light Engraving, Longwood FL
407-830-8885, FAX 407-830-8885
Buy/Sell/Rent/Refurbish/Rebuild/Repair industrial Laser systems for
marking, engraving, cutting, trimming, soldering, & drilling.

Fortunetech, North Hampton, NH
603-964-3111, FAX 603-964-3114
Buy/Sell used SMT, PCB, in-circuit test, and semiconductor equipment.

The Furnace Source, Terryville CT
860-582-4201, FAX 860-584-8854
Sell/rent/lease vacuum furnaces, sintering furnaces, etc.

Gavula Engineering, Ventura CA
805-644-8822, FAX 805-644-5995
Sells surplus vacuum equipment.

Giorgio Technology Sales and Service, Tempe AZ
480-917-3640, FAX 480-917-6571
Buy/Sell/Repair/Cal dicing saws, wafer washers, wafer mounters,
backgrinders, tapers, de-tapers.

GM Sullivan Controls, Temecula CA
951-303-2224, FAX 951-303-2227
Repair/Upgrade Thermco semiconductor furnaces.

Green Technology Investments, Mesa AZ
Sells used/refurbished semiconductor equipment, spare parts & service., San Jose CA
408-390-6794 (3/08)
Buy/sell/refurbish/service previously owned
semiconductor process equipment & parts.

Harold Johns, Madison WI
608-221-1122, FAX 608-221-3526
Buy/sell electrical manufacturing equipment, ovens, chambers,
microscopes, lab, test, metallurgical equipment.

Helium Leak Testing, Northridge CA
800-423-1701, 818-349-5690, FAX 818-717-8584
Sell/Rent/Calibrate new & used helium leak testing equipment & vacuum

Hesper Technologies, Syracuse NY
315-446-6987, FAX 315-446-6987
Sell/lease/repair/calibrate discrete device ATE,
specialize in Mastech, Hesper.

HIGH'born Technology, Boca Raton FL
561-470-1975, FAX 561-451-0803
Sell/Repair semiconductor pattern generators/steppers, photomask equipment.

Hi-Tech Sources, San Diego CA
858-689-0333, FAX 858-689-0347
Buy/sell/trade/refurbish/liquidate new, used, &
refurbished electronic assembly, SMT, test & THT equipment., Mount Holly NJ
609-518-9100, FAX 732-879-0389
Buy/sell new/used lab, analytical, scientific, pilot
plant, process equipment.

Holo-Spectra, Van Nuys CA
818-994-9577, FAX 818-994-4709
Buy/sell/rent/repair scientific, industrial, medical,
entertainment lasers & photonic equipment.

IBE SMT Equipment, Magnolia TX
800-353-6942, 281-259-9660, FAX 281-259-8863
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal surface mount equipment.
Fuji, Universal, MPM, DEK surface mount equipment.

Ideal Vacuum Products, Albuquerque NM
505-872-0037, FAX 505-872-9001
Buy/Sell/Repair new & used vacuum equipment.

Integrated Components International (I.C.I.), Santa Barbara CA
805-966-6911, FAX 805-966-5640
Buy/sell/upgrade/lease/appraise semiconductor/wafer production,
process, optical, test, ate, & pcb equipment.

International Equipment Trading, Vernon Hills IL
800-438-4522, 847-913-0777, FAX 847-913-0785
Buy/sell/rent/lease/trade pre-owned & new analytical lab instruments,
biotech, electron microscopes, chromatography, NMR, etc.

Jackson Oven Supply, Jackson MI
517-784-9660, FAX 517-784-9670
Manufacturer/Sales/Service/Parts new & used industrial ovens.

JMC Worldwide ATE Sales and Service, Newfield NJ
856-697-4400, FAX 856-697-1313
Buy/sell/lease/repair Sentry/Schlumberger, Teradyne Advantest,
Electroglas, MCT Handlers, Aetrium, Aseco, LTX, KLA.

J.M. Industries, North Billerica MA
978-663-5376, FAX 978-663-5433
Buy/sell/rent/lease refurbished semiconductor
manufacturing equipment, also rebuilds vacuum pumps.

JMW Enterprises, Winona MN
507-474-4410, FAX 507-474-4411
Buy/Sell/Broker/Rebuild electronic assembly equipment, SMT, through-
hole, wave solder, reflow ovens, etc.

John Ryburn Services, Lanagan MO
417-436-2480, FAX 417-436-2799
Repair/Upgrade/Training Thermco furnaces, ASM Plasma Systems & PECVD., San Diego, CA
858-485-9390, FAX 858-485-8916
Buy/sell electronic & semiconductor manufacturing,
process, assembly & test equipment.

KKDepot, Bergen NY
585-494-1930, FAX 585-494-1991
Sells new & used industrial automation equipment & parts.

Labtek, Campbell CA
408-871-7700, FAX 408-871-7800
New & used microscopes & accessories, fiber optics, CCD cameras, etc.

Laco Technologies, Salt Lake City UT
800-465-1004, 801-486-1004, FAX 801-486-1007
Buy/sell/rent/repair vacuum gauge & leak calibration
Alcatel, Edwards, MKS, HPS, dry pump systems.

Laser Innovations, Santa Paula CA
805-933-0015, FAX 805-933-0042 (3/08)
Sell/rent/repair Coherent Ion, Solid State, & Dye laser systems.

Laser Resale, Hudson MA
978-568-9988, FAX 978-568-8786
Buy/sell used lasers & optical laboratory equipment.

Laser Surplus Sales, Dallas TX
214-631-5273, FAX 214-631-5274
Buy/sell lasers, optics, scientific test equipment.

Lassen High Vacuum, Mountain View CA
650-961-5551, FAX 650-961-5556
Sell/Service refurbished cryogenic vacuum pumps & compressors.

LDS Vacuum Products, Longwood FL
407-862-4643, FAX 407-862-8723
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal vacuum equipment,
leak detectors and calibrated gas leaks.

Lewis and Clark, Nashua NH
603-594-4229, FAX 603-594-0554
Buy/sell manufacturing & PCB equipment, SMT, chip shooters, ATE.

Life Medical Equipment, Miami FL
800-749-4646, 305-594-0000, FAX 305-594-2020
Buy/sell/trade/repair microscopes, sterilizers, flow hoods,
viscometers, HPLC, chromatographs, freeze dryers, ovens.

Logan Technologies, Temple TX
254-773-4070, FAX 254-773-0041
Buy/sell used semiconductor equipment, front-end
processing equipment, plasma, cvd, metrology.

Longoria Refurbished Equipment, Hanover Park IL
Buy/Sell lapping, polishing & grinding equipment refurbishing & sales.

Lorlin Test Systems, Natick MA
508-879-1827, FAX 508-879-9582
Buy/sell/repair/cal used semiconductor testers, handlers,
probers, ATE, Teradyne, LTX, HP, Symtek.

LR Environmental Equipment, Los Angeles CA
800-574-2748, 323-770-0643, FAX 323-770-0105
Sell/rent/lease used test equipment,
environmental chambers, vacuum equipment, ovens.

Luna Technical Sales, Lewisville TX
972-353-2707, FAX 972-353-2722
Sells new & used wire bonders & die attach equipment,
brokers of semiconductor assembly equipment.

LV Service Enterprise, San Jose CA
408-559-8993, FAX 408-559-6008
Buy/sell/rent/repair refurbished Canon semiconductor equipment.

Mandis, Morgan Hill CA
408-776-7878, FAX 408-776-7888
Buy/sell/refurbish semiconductor ATE equipment,
LTX product line, parts & full systems.

MarTek, Tempe AZ
480-947-5757, FAX 480-967-5757
Buy/sell/lease/repair Electroglas wafer probers models

M2 Associates, Sunnyvale CA
888-402-2778, FAX 888-901-4166
Buy/sell/rent microscopes and related equipment.

Meadows Instrumentation, Zion IL
847-872-3317, FAX 847-872-3316
Sells used & refurbished HPLC & GC lab equipment; Waters, Agilent.

MEI, Albany OR
877-858-3270, FAX 541-917-3626
Sells used semiconductor wet benches.

408-975-7000, FAX 408-975-7007
Buy/sell/rent/lease/rebuild semiconductor testers & handlers.

Memco, Hohenwald TN
931-796-6999, FAX 931-796-6998
Buy/Sell/Repair/Cal used Lorlin & Tesec ATE,
hardware & software upgrades.

Meredith Instruments, Glendale AZ
623-934-9387, FAX 623-934-9482
Sells lasers, night vision/IR viewers, optics.

MHZ Electronics, Phoenix AZ
866-649-3532, 602-681-9100, FAX 602-681-3850
Buy/sell new & used test equipment, semiconductor manufacturing
equipment, equipment manuals.

Midwest Laser Products, Frankfort IL
815-462-9500, FAX 815-462-8955
Sells used lasers.

Miller Design and Equipment, Bend OR
541-317-1020, FAX 541-317-8329
Manufacture & refurbish prober systems.

Mission Technology, Milpitas CA
408-262-0177, FAX 408-262-0188
Rebuild SVG track systems. Spare parts.

MK Photonics, Albuquerque NM
505-294-5654, FAX 505-294-1257
Buy/sell/lease used optical instruments, components &
polishing/optical fabrication equipment.

MPE, Greenville TX
903-527-3790, FAX 903-527-3740
Buy/sell used & rebuilt dicing saws,
various semiconductor assembly equipment.

MR Resources, Fitchburg MA
978-345-9010, FAX 978-345-4430
Buy/sell/trade/repair Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
equipment, parts, MRI & CT scanners.

MRO Electric and Supply, Cary NC
800-691-8511, 919-367-6379, FAX 919-415-1614
Buy/sell MRO, CNC & PLC items.

Multi Imager Service, Chino CA
800-400-4549, 909-591-6444, FAX 909-591-5293
Buy/Sell/Service medical imaging equipment, laser imagers,
film printers, laser cameras, computed radiography.

Musser and Associates, Fountain Valley CA
714-434-0441, FAX 714-434-6278
Buy/sell/install/repair optical tables,
pneumatic/rigid legs, components.

Myriad Semiconductor, Garfield AR
479-359-0045, FAX 479-359-0046
Buy/Sell/Repair/Upgrade Kasper & Quintel mask aligners,
Eaton & LSI wafer track systems.

NEA, Londonderry NH
603-669-6080, FAX 603-669-7033
Buy/sell/rent/lease/service reconditioned assembly, ATE, PCB equipment.

Neutronix - Quintel, Morgan Hill CA
408-776-5190, FAX 408-776-1039
Sells remanufactured mask aligners. Repairs mask aligners. Field service.

Nevada Vacuum, Upland CA
877-934-4822, 909-982-4334, FAX 909-982-4335
Sells new & used high vacuum equipment, leak detectors,
deposition equipment, parts.

Northwave Technology, West Newbury MA
978-363-2411, FAX 978-562-3509
Buy/sell/broker semiconductor ATE, test handlers,
inspection equipment, back end equipment.

NTC Tech, Rancho Cordova CA
916-538-6304, FAX 916-235-9300
Buy/Sell laboratory/biotech/medical/chemical equipment.

NxEdge Secondary Market Group, Austin TX
512-933-1100, FAX 512-933-1272
Buy/sell semiconductor equipment, pumps,
chillers, RF generators & new OEM parts.

Odyssey Technical Solutions, Round Rock TX
877-989-7007, 512-989-7007 FAX 512-989-8118
Repair/Sell used RF & microwave generators, automatch networks,
ENI, Seren, Applied Materials, etc.

OEM Group, Gilbert AZ
480-609-8565, FAX 480-609-9132
Sell/Service new & remanufactured semiconductor equipment,
upgrades, spare parts., Scotts Valley CA
831-438-4999, FAX 831-438-1436
Sell/repair microscopes, eutectic die bonders.

OutBack Equipment, Gilroy CA
408-886-3700, FAX 408-886-3711
Buy/sell/Asset Management bonders, probers, semiconductor
fab/production/assembly, test, lab, inspection equipment.

Paxco, Lewisville TX
972-219-2523, FAX 972-219-6046
Buy/sell/repair Micro Automation dicing saws.

Petlock Transportation, Vancouver WA
877-738-5625, 360-906-8400 FAX 360-906-8401
Buy/sell electronic assembly machinery. Warehousing & equipment moving.

PFI of Florida, Apopka FL
407-880-9900, FAX 407-650-2800
Sells new & used electronic assembly & production equipment

PG Enterprises, West Hills CA
Sell/repair manual bonders, epoxy die attach, pick/place,
& misc spare parts.

Phoenix Test Systems, Glendale AZ
Buy/Sell/Service/Calibrate/Repair HP/Agilent, GenRad, Teradyne,
board test ATE systems.

PhotoMachining, Pelham NH
603-882-9944, FAX 603-886-8844
Sells used electronic test equipment, lasers, microscopes, optomechanics,
cleanroom & lab equipment, etc.

Photonic Microdevices, Murray Hill NJ
908-464-5696, FAX 561-750-5461
Sells used & surplus semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Power Quality, Yuma AZ
800-877-7844, 928-344-9008, FAX 928-344-8847
Sell/Buy/Repair/Lease new & used power monitors, power filters,
harmonic filters, power conditioners.

Precision Placement Machines, Fremont NH
603-895-5112, FAX 603-895-5113
Buy/sell/refurbish used surface mount & thru hole machinery.

Probe Specialist, Morgan Hill CA
408-982-9123, FAX 408-982-9124
Buy/sell used Electroglas probers.

ProTemp Mechanical, Santa Clara CA
408-244-9821, FAX 408-980-9358
Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair environmental test equipment, .

Quality Manufacturing Services, San Diego CA
888-454-4254, 858-653-6603, FAX 858-653-6721
Buy/sell surface mount manufacturing equipment SMT,
through hole equipment.

Questar Products, Pleasanton CA
925-461-0100, FAX 925-461-0200
Buy/Sell/Repair new & used wire bonders.

Quintronix, Hayward CA
800-448-2123, 510-786-0439, FAX 510-786-4592
Buy/sell/rent/repair new & used vacuum & process equipment.

R-1 Source / World Equipment Source, San Diego CA
858-693-1991, FAX 858-693-8339
Buy/sell/trade/refurbish PCB assembly equipment,
test equipment, wavesolder, pick & place, screen printers.

Recon, Concord NC
888-795-6616, 704-795-6610, FAX 704-723-6540
Buy/sell/lease/service/training used SMT & PTH assembly equipment.

Recycled Goods, Ventura CA
800-644-3190, 805-644-3100, FAX 805-644-3170
Buy/sell surplus equipment for science & industry:
electronic test, research & lab, computer equipment.

Reliance Specialty Products, Elk Grove Village IL
847-640-8923, FAX 847-640-8974
Buy/sell/rent/refurbish vapor degreasers, stills, aqueous parts washers.

Rhetech, Coopersburg PA
610-282-0105, FAX 610-282-0789
Buy/sell/refurbish/upgrade/lease semiconductor wet process
capital equipment, spin rinser dryers & solvent tools.

Rite Track, West Chester OH
513-881-7820, FAX 513-881-7822
Buy used/sell remanufactured & new SVG & Rite Track coat & develop

RT Instruments, Woodland CA
530-666-6700, FAX 530-662-2875
Sells refurbished thermal analysis instruments.

San Diego Exchange, San Marcos CA
760-471-4727, FAX 760-944-8821
Sells new & used SMT equipment, reconditioned feeders, printers,
pick & place, environmental chambers, etc.

Scearce Laser, Roseville MI
866-575-9004, 586-779-9004, FAX 586-283-0314
Buy/Sell/Broker used industrial lasers.

Scientific Support, Hayward CA
877-831-5580, 510-783-1127, FAX 510-783-1168
Buy/sell/rent refurbished lab, analytical, & biotech equipment.

S&D Materials, Rochester NH
603-330-3296, FAX 603-330-3419
Sells semiconductor sapphire/quartz spares, refurbish
copper/sapphire tube applicators.

SDI Fabsurplus, Portland OR
Multinational brokerage. Refurbish Nikon, KLA, Gasonics, Ultratech,
Varian, AMAT equipment.

Second Source, Hopewell Junction NY
845-226-8710, FAX 845-226-8713
Sell/service new automated sputtering equipment,
Perkin Elmer sputtering equipment parts.

Semiconductor Equipment Services, Burleson TX
817-447-1906, FAX 817-447-9878
Sells new & used equipment & parts: implant,
thinfilm/sputtering, die saws.

Semicore Equipment, Livermore CA
925-373-8201, FAX 925-373-8202
Buy/sell automated vacuum sputtering and evaporation systems.

SemiSurplus, West Chester OH
513-870-0140, FAX 888-231-2495
Buy/sell/lease/appraisal/consulting semiconductor production equipment.

SERCO Technical Services, Livermore CA
800-483-0508, 925-443-2048, FAX 925-443-2049
Repair, sell, upgrade, modification, field servicing of microscopes.

Service Support Specialties, Montville NJ
973-263-0640, FAX 973-263-8888
Sell/repair/remanufacture MTI Track systems, Eaton Tracks.

Silicon Valley Techparts, San Jose CA
Sells PLC's, servo-motors, semiconductor equipment components,
wafer-handing robots, etc.

Sitek Process Solution, Roseville CA
916-797-9000, FAX 916-797-9009
Buy/sell/refurbish all front end wafer fab equipment.
MTI, photolithography tracks, Semitool.

Spectra Services, Webster NY
800-955-7732, 585-265-4320, FAX 585-265-4374
Used microscopes, stages, video cameras.

Spectrum Process Equipment, Wernersville PA
610-693-8141, FAX 801-218-4326
Buy/sell used semiconductor manufacturing,
laboratory & research equipment.

Stepper Equipment, Rocklin CA
916-632-1031, FAX 916-632-1018
Buy/sell/repair/upgrade Ultratech wafer steppers.

Sterling Resale Optics, Erie CO
FAX 720-890-4627
Sells surplus optical components, lenses, mirrors, filters.

Sunshine Semiconductor, Casselberry FL
407-696-8827, FAX 407-696-8829
Buy/sell/service Kulicke & Soffa wirebonders, diebonders & saws.

TEAM A.T.E. USA LLC, Littleton CO
303-628-7722, FAX 303-626-7727
Buy, Sell, Rent, Cal Services, Complete ICT System Refurbishment
Supplier of used In-circuit test & semiconductor test systems / parts

Technical Engineering Services, Santa Cruz CA
831-429-8992, FAX 831-429-5015
Buy/sell/repair high vacuum systems, semiconductor equipment.

Tech Equipment Sales, Norristown PA
610-279-0370, FAX 610-279-0312
Buy/sell computers & peripherals, measuring, lab,
pharmaceutical, medical equipment.

TEK Supply, Woodstock IL
800-835-7244, 815-334-1688, FAX 815-334-1370
Buy/sell/rent/lease/rebuild Programmable Logic
Controllers (PLCs).

Tenney Equipment, Grove City PA
724-748-6500, FAX 724-748-6501
Buy/sell PCB assembly, wave solder, belt furnaces, vacuum systems,
lasers, screen printers.

Test Electronics, Watsonville CA
831-763-2000, FAX 831-763-2085
Remanufacture bed of nails circuit board test fixtures.

Thinking Productivity, Dripping Springs TX
512-264-3788, FAX 512-264-8443
Buy/sell used PCB manufacturing equipment, screen printers,
pick 'n place, ovens, chip shooters.

TLC Equipment, Dallas TX
800-348-7550, 214-348-1221, FAX 972-270-2895
Buy/sell/rent/lease/auction electronics & semiconductor
manufacturing, packaging & test equipment.

TND Service, Londonderry NH
603-437-4755, FAX 603-425-7533
Buy/sell/lease/recondition/service wave soldering systems &
PCB manufacturing equipment.

Troy SMT, El Paso TX
915-593-1283, FAX 915-990-2009
Sells used PCB production and test equipment.

TSEL Partners, Boston MA
508-261-7887, FAX 508-261-9699
Buy/sell/lease/auction wafer fab equipment.

TTL Automation, Sarasota FL
941-379-8262, FAX 941-378-3097
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal pumps, leak detectors,
evaporation systems, sputtering units, box coaters, metalizers.

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools, Valencia CA
661-257-2288, FAX 661-257-3833
Buy/sell used diamond sawing equipment, dicing, wafering,
sectioning, & gang saws, slicing machines.

Used Equipment Sales, Albuquerque NM
505-345-8732, FAX 505-345-8730
Buy/Sell surplus semiconductor production equipment.

US Equipment Exchange, Minneapolis MN
612-588-9553, FAX 612-588-9213
Buy/Sell/Broker used ovens, chambers, test, lab, semiconductor
manufacturing equipment.

Ventex, San Jose CA
408-436-2929, FAX 408-436-2928
Buy/sell/service/training Canon wafer steppers, spares.

Vortex Control Systems, Richardson TX
972-669-3953, FAX 972-699-8414
Buy/sell/lease/service/parts semiconductor equipment,
probers (EG), probe card/inspection equipment, microscopes.

Voyager Equipment, Denver CO
303-355-6810, FAX 303-331-0103
Buy/Sell used SMT & through-hole assembly equipment.

Wafer Inspection Services, Duxbury MA
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal/install/train inspection systems:
0.10 micron detection / wafers, discs, photomask, critical
dimension, biomedical.

Waste-Not Recycling, Loveland CO
800-584-9912, 970-669-9912, FAX 970-669-9926
Recycles or liquidates surplus materials of many kinds.

Welding & Metallurgical Equipment, Fort Walton Beach FL
850-244-1665, FAX 850-244-4154
Buy/Sell/Broker/Refurbish electron beam welding equipment
& vacuum equipment.

XL Technology, Phoenix AZ
602-220-0750, FAX 602-220-0749
semiconductor wafer fab equipment & metrology.

X-Line Asset Management, San Jose CA
408-717-4538, FAX 270-573-8797
Consign/Online Auction surplus test, SMT, PCB, semiconductor production

X-RAY NOW, Tustin CA
714-396-2519, FAX 714-544-0137
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate reconditioned XRF equipment.
Onsite repair.

Xsys Engineering, Mountain House CA
408-835-8034, FAX 209-836-6010
Buy/Sell/Service/Refurbish semiconductor, solar,
LED, hard-disk equipment. On-site service & parts.

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