High Tech Equipment Repair, Refurbishing, Rebuilding Services

Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment_Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment
Probers, Bonders, Soldering, Vacuum, ATE, PCB, SMT, Ovens, etc.

General Electronic Test Equipment Dealers_General Electronic Test Equipment Dealers
Oscilloscopes, Meters, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Supplies, etc.

Non-U.S. Equipment Dealers and Services_Non-U.S. Equipment Dealers and Services
30 countries represented by over 267 companies.

Laboratory Biotech Medical Chemical Equipment Dealers_130 Used Laboratory/Biotech/Medical/Chemical Equipment Dealers
i.e.: Autoclaves, Balances, Centrifuges, Chromatography, CT, FTIR, Hoods
HPLC, Incubators, Medical Lasers, Metallurgy, Microplate Instrumentation,
Microscopes, MRI, NMR, Sequencers, Spectrophotometers, Ultrasound, XRF, etc.

High Tech Equipment Rental and Lease Companies_High Tech Equipment Rental and Lease Companies

High Tech Equipment Auction and Listing Services_High Tech Equipment Auction and Listing Services

Equipment Manual Dealers_Equipment Manual Dealers
Replace that missing operating or service manual.

Equipment Calibration Laboratories_Equipment Calibration Laboratories
Electronic, dimensional, lightwave, environmental equipment cal.

Miscellaneous Services - financing, moving, etc._Miscellaneous Services
Equipment financing. Equipment moving. Misc services.

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101 Equipment, Sunnyvale CA
408-744-0142, FAX 408-744-0146
Sell/Repair used semiconductor robots including Brooks/PRI Automation.

1st Quality Electronics, Front Royal VA
877-225-7372, 540-636-8926, FAX
Calibrate/Repair test & measurement equipment.

AAATesters, Toledo OH
800-548-2381, 419-517-6681
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair electronic test & fiber equipment.

Ace Lab Systems, St. Louis MO
314-771-7272, FAX 314-771-6956
Sell/Repair used lab equipment, centrifuges, incubators, shakers,
hoods, gamma counters, refrigerators, etc.

Ace Technical, Tracy CA
209-321-6361, FAX 209-830-5045
Repair/Parts wafer probers, semiconductor handlers, testers,
Electroglas. Field service.

ADVACO / Advanced Vacuum, Westminster MD
800-272-2525, 410-876-8200 FAX 410-876-5820
Repair vacuum pumps.

Aero Standard Calibration, Lewisville TX
877-521-2600, 972-436-2600, FAX 972-436-2685
Calibrate & repair avionics test equipment & dimensional tools.

AESG of New England, Virginia Beach VA
757-631-3026, FAX 757-631-3026
Field Service of robotics, PRI/Equipe robots repair and training.

Airvac Technical Services, Bethel CT
800-678-1052, FAX 203-798-2447
Sell/Repair Nash vacuum pumps & compressors.

A&J Vacuum Services, Clifton NJ
973-249-0854, FAX 973-249-0855
Sell/Repair new & used turbo pumps, dry pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.

A-1 Servo Motor Repair, Irving TX
888-336-8430, 972-313-1133, FAX 972-313-1341
Repair AC servomotors, DC brushless & servo motors,
spindle & stepper motors, encoders, resolvers.

Alltest Instruments, Farmingdale NJ
732-919-3339, FAX 732-919-3332
Test Equipment Surplus Sales, Repair, Calibration, Rent, Service, Trade-Ins.

AL-TAR Services, Sunnyvale CA
866-522-3499, FAX 408-245-3866
Repair/Sell used laboratory equipment, autoclaves, balances,
spectrophotometers, centrifuges, pipettes, ovens, etc.

Amtronix Instruments, Lakewood NY
716-763-9104, FAX 716-763-0371
Calibrate/Repair HP8920A/B, HP8921A units.

Analytical Technologies, Groton CT
860-449-0886, FAX 860-449-1038
Repair laboratory equipment, AKTA, Biocore, HPLC, GC,
plate readers, spectrophotometers, etc.

Anatech, Hayward CA
800-390-4449, 510-732-6961, FAX 510-732-6971
Repairs sputtering equipment, plasma systems, DC & RF power supplies,
matching networks.

AppMet, North Charleston SC
800-608-5570, 843-767-5664, FAX 843-767-1364
Calibrate/Repair dimensional, electrical, electronic, mechanical,
physical, on-site service.

ASAP Medical, Fulton MO
573-642-2593, FAX 573-642-0896
Buy/Sell/Repair Beckman Coulter equipment. Training, parts, consumables.

Bagan, Columbia City IN
800-552-5115, 260-244-5115, FAX 260-244-4158
Repair: in-lab & on-site, logic controllers, electronic circuit boards,
process control systems, test equipment, etc.

Baseline Service, Middlesex NJ
800-832-5294, 732-563-1200, FAX 732-563-1210
Repair/Calibrate laboratory instruments, chromatography, temperature,
humidity, spectrophotometers, balances, pH, chart recorders, etc.

Bi Optic, Santa Clara CA< 408-736-2116, FAX 408-736-9627
Microscope sales & repair. Authorized Olympus service center.

Bos-Tek, Santa Clara CA
408-667-3446, FAX 509-461-2543
Sell/Repair used semiconductor robots Equipe, Brooks, PRI Automation.

Bravo Technical Services, Terre Haute IN
877-249-3594, 812-235-3757
Calibrate/Repair GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent, Factron in-circuit test systems.

CAL LAB, South Holland IL & Brookfield WI
800-373-1759, 708-596-5800, FAX 708-596-5802
262-790-1916, FAX 262-790-1949
Cal/Repair of instrumentation (onsite) ISO 17025.

Caley & Whitmore, Somerville MA
800-332-3660, FAX 617-776-9393
Repair/Calibrate laboratory instruments, balances, scales, microscopes,
incubators, microtomes, spectrophotometers, dimensional tools, etc.

Calright Instruments, San Diego CA
866-363-6634, 619-429-4545, FAX 619-374-7012
Repair Agilent/HP, Anritsu, Wiltron, Fluke, Tektronix test equipment.
Free evaluation.

Caltronix, Rochester NY
800-836-5780, 585-359-3780, FAX 585-334-0064
Calibrate/repair electronics, dimensional, mechanical, temperature,
on-site service.

Cascade TEK, Hillsboro OR
888-835-9250, 503-648-1818, FAX 503-648-1798
Buy/sell/cal/field service ovens, environmental chambers, vibe systems.

C & C Technologies, Apex NC
866-938-3782, 919-362-1116, FAX 919-362-0380
Repair/cal environmental chambers.

Chiller City, Mesa AZ
877-244-5501, 480-889-1092, FAX 602-532-7545
Buy/sell/service used recirculating chillers, baths, heat exchangers,
temperature forcing equipment. Online manuals.

Clark Industries, Topeka KS
785-478-9669, FAX 785-478-0714
Repair/sell vacuum components for cryopumps and compressors.

CMS, Middletown CT
800-622-0023, FAX 860-346-2536
Rebuilds rotary screw compressors & vacuum pumps.

Coastal Instruments, Burgaw NC
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate mass flow controllers, vacuum gauges.

CompuFlow Solutions, Mesa AZ
602-625-4673, FAX 602-926-8558
Repair flow meter calibrators.

Cool Pair Plus, Herminie PA
724-446-1181, FAX 724-446-1182
Sell/repair cryopumps, compressors, cold heads, MRIs.

Cosmetic Laser Warehouse, Deerfield Beach FL
954-254-4612, FAX 954-719-2422
Aftermarket sales & repair of used cosmetic & aesthetic lasers handpieces.

Culver Consulting, Ventura CA
805-680-7389, FAX 805-684-3974
Buy/sell/service new & used semiconductor process tools,
test equipment & spare parts.

Custom-Cal, Ewing NJ
609-530-9000, FAX 609-530-9001
Cal/Repair generic, optical & RF equipment. Field calibrations.

Datagate Systems, Carson City NV
Repair/Refurbish/Calibrate component
level support of obsolete Test Equipment.

Delta Contols, Thomasville NC
888-882-1581, 336-472-0216, FAX 336-472-4608
Repair PLCs, AC/DC drives, monitors.

Direct Repair Laboratories, Beaverton OR
800-327-8086, FAX 503-531-0577
Semiconductor equipment repairs, robot rebuilds, reverse
engineering, power supply & component level repairs.

Dodson Technical Services, Brea CA
714-993-2079, FAX 714-993-9173
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate new & used vibration test equipment,
accelerometers, transducers, shakers, amplifiers, parts, field service.

Dynamic Solutions, Bloomington CA
877-767-7077, 818-831-0832, FAX 818-831-0842
Buy/sell/lease/rent/repair vibration & shock test equipment.

Eastern Applied Research, Lockport NY
716-625-8311, FAX 716-625-8319
Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate/Repair new & used XRF
(X-ray Fluorescence) instruments.

Econoscope, Mount Hamilton CA
Sell/Rent/Repair/Calibrate Temptronic equipment,
air temperature forcing units, hot & cold chucks, chambers.

Edwards Technical Support, Temecula CA
951-699-3460, FAX 951-699-3460
Sales/service/parts/retrofit kits for mask aligners.
On-site repair HTG, ABM, Quintel, Neutronix, Kasper, Eaton aligners.

Electric Service Company, Cincinnati OH
800-232-9002, 513-271-1752, FAX 513-271-0543
Manufacture, repair, rent, recondition electrical power transformers.

Electro-Lab Services, Evansville IN
800-423-5212, 812-423-5211, FAX 812-421-3689
Calibrate/Repair industrial electronic equipment, onsite calibration.

EML, Franklin TN
888-846-4614, 615-771-2560, FAX 615-771-2551
Equipment Repair: electronic and physical/dimensional
repair and calibration.

EMTS, Windham NH
603-893-5099, FAX 603-893-5067
Electroglas prober upgrades, refurbishment, repairs.

Engineered Coating and Machine, Birmingham AL
205-856-3700, FAX 205-856-3740
Rebuild Nash, Vooner, Somarakis, Travaini, Sihi, Graham vacuum pumps.

Enhanced Production Technologies, Hutto TX
866-378-7837, 512-759-2009, FAX 512-846-2498
Nikon NSR stepper & scanner repair, relocation, training, sales.

Envirotronics, Grand Rapids MI
800-368-4768, 616-554-5020, FAX 616-554-5021
Repair/calibrate environmental test chambers. Field service.

EquipTek Labs, Mountain View CA
650-938-5511, FAX 650-938-5512
Repair obsolete Agilent, HP, Tektronix test equipment,
oscilloscopes, analyzers, power supplies.

ERD, Kernersville NC
336-992-3611, FAX 336-992-0718
Repair industrial & test equipment.

Evey Engineering, Vineland NJ
856-692-2610, FAX 856-692-6554
Sell/Repair new & use vacuum pumps.

Exact Calibration, Encinitas CA
800-599-1497, FAX 760-753-7959
Calibrate/Repair Leitz, Brown & Sharpe coordinate measuring machines.

FMG Enterprises, Santa Clara CA
800-327-6177, 408-982-0110, FAX 408-982-0529
Repair/Rebuild vacuum pumps, cryo, turbo, vane, piston, scroll,
diffusion, blowers, compressors.

Focused Light Engraving, Longwood FL
407-830-8885, FAX 407-830-8885
Refurbish/Rebuild/Repair industrial Laser systems for
marking, engraving, cutting, trimming, soldering, & drilling.

Fulcrum Precision Services, Longwood FL
Specializing in RF test equipment repair to 50 Ghz.

GenTech Scientific, Arcade NY
585-492-1068, FAX 585-492-0383
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, HPLC,
autosamplers, purge & trap, data systems & parts.

Globaltech Sourcing & Solutions, North Hampton NH
603-379-2856, FAX 603-379-2907
Buy/Sell/Repair electronics & VME embedded equipment.

GM Sullivan Controls, Temecula CA
951-303-2224, FAX 951-303-2227
Repair/Upgrade Thermco semiconductor furnaces.

Gordon Instrument Labs, Peoria IL
309-637-1797, FAX 309-637-3189
Repair/Calibrate electronic instruments measuring temperature,
pressure, flow, recorders, transmitters, etc.

GRDTech, Gilbert AZ
480-600-9840, 602-570-9071, FAX 480-507-9402
Repair ESEC, K&S, MechEl, Westbond manual wire bonders., San Jose CA
Buy/sell/refurbish/service previously owned
semiconductor process equipment & parts.

H&D Microwave Calibration, Garden Grove CA
714-251-3515, FAX 714-638-8311
Buy/sell/cal/repair HP/Agilent test equipment.

Hampton Controls, Wendel PA
724-861-0150, FAX 724-861-0160
Calibrate/Repair industrial instrumentation.

Hayes Instrument, Billerica MA
978-663-4800, FAX 978-663-3812
Buy/sell/rent/repair/cal test equipment.

HIGH'born Technology, Boca Raton FL
561-470-1975, FAX 561-451-0803
Sell/Repair semiconductor pattern generators/steppers, photomask equipment.

HSD Engineering, Oakland CA
510-553-9132, FAX 510-553-9347
Repair vacuum gauges & controllers, turbo & cryo pump & thickness

IBEX Systems, Bloomingdale IL
630-307-3634, FAX 630-307-3539
Microwave radio repair.

Ideal Vacuum Products, Albuquerque NM
505-872-0037, FAX 505-872-9001
Buy/Sell/Repair new & used vacuum equipment. Rebuilt pumps.

IET Labs, Westbury NY
800-899-8438, 516-334-5959, FAX 516-334-5988
Repair/Calibrate GenRad instruments & standards.

Imaging Associates, Charlotte NC
800-821-3230, 305-887-4444, FAX 704-522-8098
Repair ultrasound machines, medical imaging & display equipment.

InBus, Livermore CA
925-454-2540, FAX 925-454-2501
Buy/Sell/Repair Intel boards, Multibus, Bitbus,
ICE In-Circuit-Emulators, SBX.

Instrument Repair & Calibration, Houston TX
888-807-6303, 713-910-0106, FAX 713-941-8469
Repair/Calibrate/Certify measurement & test equipment
both electronic & physical dimensional.

Instrumentation Technical Services, West Chester PA
610-436-9703, FAX 610-436-9097
Buy/sell/rent/repair/cal electronic test equipment.

J.M. Industries, North Billerica MA
978-663-5376, FAX 978-663-5433
Repairs Electroglas probers, MEI & Mech-El bonders, vacuum pumps.

John Ryburn Services, Lanagan MO
417-436-2480, FAX 417-436-2799
Repair/Upgrade/Training Thermco furnaces, ASM Plasma Systems & PECVD.

JSB Service Company, Waynesboro VA
877-668-2634, 540-949-5899, FAX 540-949-5863
Repairs microwave communication equipment.

KayDee Tek, Escondido CA
Repair HPLC & spectroscopy instruments, Perkin Elmer IR, Uv/Vis,
Fluoresence, Polarimeters, Pickering, etc.

KG Electronics, Wichita KS
Repair/parts/cal/buy/sell IFR 500 & 1200 service monitors.

Kon-Sult, Hudson NH
603-882-7464, FAX 603-882-5446
Calibrate/Repair close tolerance measurement equipment.

Lab Performance Specialists, Redmond WA
800-447-4169, 425-882-3670, FAX 425-869-6940
Repair laboratory equipment, centrifuges, liquid scintillation,
gamma counters, spectrophotometers, HPLC, etc.

Laco Technologies, Salt Lake City UT
800-465-1004, 801-486-1004, FAX 801-486-1007
Buy/sell/rent/repair vacuum gauge & leak detection equipment.

Laser Innovations, Santa Paula CA
805-933-0015, FAX 805-933-0042
Sell/rent/repair Coherent Ion, Solid State, & Dye laser systems.

Lassen High Vacuum, Mountain View CA
650-961-5551, FAX 650-961-5556
Sell/Service refurbished cryogenic vacuum pumps & compressors.

Luna Technical Sales, Lewisville TX
972-353-2707, FAX 972-353-2722
Refurbishment, field service, preventive maintenance,
training, repair K&S Wire Bonders, parts & subassemblies.

Marc S. Nathanson, Sharon MA
Buy/Sell/Repair/Parts Waters HPLCs.

MarTek, Tempe AZ
480-947-5757, FAX 480-967-5757
Buy/sell/lease/repair Electroglas wafer probers models

Memco, Hohenwald TN
931-796-6999, FAX 931-796-6998
Buy/Sell/Repair/Cal used Lorlin & Tesec ATE,
hardware & software upgrades.

Metrol System, Apopka FL
866-230-4142, 407-880-1959, FAX 407-880-1834
Calibration/Repair/Sell electronic test equipment.

Mid-America Analytical, Platte City MO
816-464-5000, FAX 816-464-5324
Sell/Repair used atomic absorption, ICP, gas chromatographs, mass
spectrometers, liquid chromatographs. Field service.

Midwest ATE, Palos Heights IL
Buy/Sell/Consign/Repair/Calibrate electronic test equipment.

Morrow Service, South San Francisco CA
877-667-7697, 650-873-1933 FAX 650-873-1936
Repair/Calibrate laboratory equipment, centrifuges, LS counters,
ultracentrifuges, spectrophotometers, incubators, etc.

Moyer Instruments, Tamaqua PA
877-434-5377, 570-668-2607, FAX 570-668-4720
Calibrate/Repair process instruments, flowmeters, thermometers,
transmitters, gauges, GC, AA, HPLC, etc.

Myriad Semiconductor, Garfield AR
479-359-0045, FAX 479-359-0046
Repair/Upgrade Kasper & Quintel mask aligners, Eaton & LSI wafer track
systems. Onsite service.

Neutronix - Quintel, Morgan Hill CA
408-776-5190, FAX 408-776-1039
Sells remanufactured mask aligners. Repairs mask aligners. Field service.

Northeast Semiconductor, Plymouth MA
508-224-6722, FAX 508-224-3522
Repair K&S wire bonders, dicing saws, die bonders. On-site service.

Northeast Technical Services, Fishkill NY
Repair Genevac & other laboratory equipment.

Norway Labs, Beaverton OR
503-924-5846, FAX 503-214-8518
Sell/Repair/Cal test equipment, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers,
Tektronix & Magni television broadcast equipment.

Nova Biotech, El Cajon CA
619-579-0077, FAX 619-579-0061
Repair/Calibrate spectrophotometers, Spectrofluorometers, Microplate
Readers, HPLC, FPLC, PCR, FTIR, Polarimeters & GC instruments.

NyCo Systems, Rialto CA
909-874-7020, FAX 909-874-8229
Repair industrial electronics, test equipment, automation equipment,
PLCs, AC/DC drives, etc.

OpLink Solutions, Alpharetta GA
866-965-4660, 678-965-4660, FAX 678-965-4659
Repairs test equipment., Scotts Valley CA
831-438-4999, FAX 831-438-1436
Sell/lease/repair microscopes, die bonders, field service.

Optotek, Cottonwood CA
800-924-6023, FAX 800-859-2286
Sell/Repair new & used microscopes, stages, cameras, video, wafer fab

Peak Tek, Glenside PA
215-629-1008, FAX 215-884-8807
Repair liquid chromatography & high temperature gel permeation systems.

PG Enterprises, West Hills CA
Repair manual bonders, gap welders, mask aligners, pick & place,
probe stations, etc.

Phoenix Equipment, Rochester NY
800-240-5570, 585-266-5550, FAX 585-266-1598
Repair scientific equipment, centrifuges, baths, electrophoresis,
osometers, titrators, spectrophotometers, recorders, etc.

Pinnacle Prober Services, Arizona
Repair semiconductor equipment, probers.

Power Clinic, Dallas TX
972-620-9711, FAX 972-620-1926
Component level repair of power supplies. On-site service.

Probe Specialists, Morgan Hill CA
408-465-2100, FAX 408-465-2117
Sell/Repair Electroglas & Accretech TSK probers.

ProTemp Mechanical, Santa Clara CA
408-244-9821, FAX 408-980-9358
Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair environmental test equipment, .

PTB Sales, Azusa CA
866-332-0500, 626-334-0500, FAX 626-334-2151
Repair/rebuild cryo, wet, and dry vacuum pumps.

Qservice, Dobson NC
Manuals/Repair Parts for Agilent, Fluke, Sony, Tektronix.

Quality Scales Unlimited, Byron CA
800-722-5301, 925-634-8068
Industrial scale (weighing equipment) repair & calibration.

Quality Surveillance, Oxnard CA
805-240-2448, FAX 805-240-2451
Cal/Repair RF, electronic & mechanical measurement tools.
ISO accredited.

Radwell International / PLCCenter, Lumberton NJ
800-332-4336, 609-288-9393 FAX 800-257-2869, 609-288-9417
Repair industrial electronics.

Ridge Equipment, Eldersburg MD
410-549-7661, FAX 410-549-1544
Buy/Sell/Rent/Repair electronic test equipment. Equipment manuals.
Full time service engineer available for on-site repair in Metro DC area.

Scientific Equipment Repair, Mountain View CA
650-938-3169, FAX 650-390-9758
Repair/Sell used laboratory equipment, AA, autoclaves, HPLC, microscopes,
GC, spectrophotometers, ovens, etc.

Scientific Support, Hayward CA
877-831-5580, 510-783-1127, FAX 510-783-1168
Repair laboratory & analytical equipment (HPLC, GC, FTIR, IC, etc.)

SE Laboratories, Santa Clara CA
800-939-2257, 408-727-3286, FAX 408-988-6186
Repair/cal electronic & mechanical, environmental testing.
DC - microwave, laser power, telecom, biomedical.

SERCO Technical Services, Livermore CA
800-483-0508, 925-443-2048, FAX 925-443-2049
Repair, sell, upgrade, modification, field servicing of microscopes.

Silicon Valley Micro Service, Campbell CA
408-871-8811, FAX 408-248-3993
Repair/Calibrate microscopes. Sells used microscopes.

SIMCO Electronics, Sunnyvale CA
800-432-2351, 408-734-9750 FAX 408-734-9754
Calibrate/Repair electronic test equipment, dimensional, fiber optics,
avionics, telco, life science.

Spectrofuge, Durham NC
800-222-4812, 919-361-2197 FAX 919-544-2807
Repair/Calibrate laboratory equipment, beta counters, centrifuges,
GC, HPLC, FPLC, ovens, incubators, etc.

Spectrum Mechanical Services, Keyport NJ
732-264-8150, FAX 732-264-8120
Repair/Calibrate environmental chambers.

SVM Test, San Jose CA
Sells test equipment parts, rents test equipment,
repairs test equipment.

Technical Alternatives, Ann Arbor MI
888-200-7341, 734-971-1372 FAX 734-971-1560
Repair laboratory equipment, Beckman Coulter, Jouan, Packard,
Perkin Elmer, BrinkmannKendro, etc.

Test Electronics, Watsonville CA
831-763-2000, FAX 831-763-2085
Remanufacture bed of nails circuit board test fixtures.

Test Equipment Connection, Lake Mary FL
800-615-8378, 407-804-1299, FAX 800-819-8378, 407-804-1277
Buy/sell/rent/trade/lease/repair general electronic test equipment.
Worldwide shipping.

Test Equipment Plus, LaCenter, WA
800-260-8378, 360-263-5006, FAX 360-263-5007
Sell/Repair used test & measurement equipment.
LCD Retrofit kits for HP Spectrum Analyzer CRT

TigerTek Industrial Services, Stoneville NC
877-623-1717, 336-623-1717, FAX 336-623-1725
Repair servo motors & industrial equipment.

TMI, St. Petersburg FL
727-526-3200, FAX 727-526-4150
Calibrate/Repair electronic & mechanical devices, fiber optics, Sonet.

TroTec Solutions, Tempe AZ
480-820-5200, FAX 480-820-0535
Repair high vacuum pumps, turbo molecular, MagLev, cryo, scroll, etc.

Tru Cal International, Bensenville IL
800-681-5540, 630-238-8100, FAX 630-238-8101
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal general purpose/RF/microwave test equipment,

T & M Service, Hudson NY
518-828-8416, FAX 518-828-0646
Repair semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

US Technologies, Fair Lawn NJ
800-234-0862, 201-475-8700, FAX 201-475-8710
Repair electronic subassemblies, PCBs, power supplies, Multibus, etc.

Vac-Tech, Phoenix AZ
602-426-0672, FAX 602-426-0677
Repair vacuum pumps, mechanical, rotary vane, cryo, turbo, booster, etc.

VIDA Products, Santa Rosa CA
707-541-7388, FAX 707-541-7030
Repairs HP/Agilent RYTHM & YIG assemblies.

Vincent Electronics, Livonia MI
734-347-2736, FAX 734-427-3330
Repair of test equipment.
Field service available in Southeastern Michigan.

Wentworth Laboratories, Brookfield CT
203-775-9311, FAX 203-775-6093
Repair Electroglas probers, 2001 & up, parts, training, etc.

X-RAY NOW, Tustin CA
714-396-2519, FAX 714-544-0137
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate reconditioned XRF equipment.
Onsite repair.

Xsys Engineering, Mountain House CA
408-835-8034, FAX 209-836-6010
Buy/Sell/Service/Refurbish semiconductor, solar,
LED, hard-disk equipment. On-site service & parts.

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