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AB Commercial Services, Zieglerville PA
610-543-3637, FAX 610-543-0646
Sells/liquidates laboratory, medical,
electronic test & manufacturing equipment.

Ace Lab Systems, St. Louis MO
314-771-7272, FAX 314-771-6956
Sell/Repair used lab equipment, centrifuges, incubators, shakers,
hoods, gamma counters, refrigerators, etc.

AL-TAR Services, Sunnyvale CA
866-522-3499, FAX 408-245-3866
Repair/Sell used laboratory equipment, autoclaves, balances,
spectrophotometers, centrifuges, pipettes, ovens, etc.

American Instrument Exchange, Haverhill MA
978-521-2221, FAX 978-521-8822
Sells reconditioned laboratory equipment.

American Laboratory Trading, East Lyme CT
860-691-2213, FAX 860-691-2447
Buy/Sell/Trade all type of laboratory instrumentation.

American Lyophilizer, Yardley PA
New/used/lease/service freeze dryers & lyophilizers.

Analytical Instruments, Golden Valley, MN
952-929-1996, FAX 952-929-1895
Buy/Sell/Repair reconditioned analytical, laboratory, medical,
research, scientific, & histology equipment.

Analytical Instrument Resource, Golden CO
Sells used gas & liquid chromatographs, HPGC, LC, atomic absorption equipment.

ANDA Medical, Ottawa ON Canada
613-726-7811, FAX 613-828-1097
New/Refurbished medical equipment, blood gas, defibrillators, endoscopy,
gamma cameras, mammography, ophthalmology, etc.

Asset Reliance International, Carlsbad CA
888-505-0755, FAX 760-510-8362
Auction/liquidate/broker/appraise semiconductor, biotech, electronics,
assembly, PCB, medical, test, inspection.

AST Scientific, Brooklyn NY
Buy/Sell refurbished lab equipment, HPLC, GC, ICP/MS,
sequencers, spectrophotometers, autosamplers, etc.

Avitar Unlimited, Sanford FL
407-330-1960, FAX 407-330-3838
Buy/sell test equipment, microscopes, ovens, chambers, etc.

Bid Service, Freehold NJ
732-863-9500, FAX 732-863-1255
Buy/sell used lab equipment, balances, spectrophotometers,
Electrophoresis, chromatographs, centrifuges, autosamplers, HPLC, etc.

Bi Optic, Santa Clara CA
408-736-2116, FAX 408-736-9627
Microscope sales & repair. Authorized Olympus service center.

Biodirect, Taunton MA
508-884-5010, FAX 508-884-5015
Buy/sell new & used lab equipment: Lab Automation/Robotics,
Liquid Handlers, Dispensers, Microplate Handlers, etc.

BIOMEDevice Engineering, San Pablo CA
510-234-9218, FAX 510-234-9219
Sells used laboratory instruments, autoclaves, balances, microscopes,
chart recorders, particle counters, etc.

BioSurplus, San Diego CA
Buy/Sell/Consign used laboratory instruments .

Biotech Equipment Sales, San Francisco CA
650-871-5707, FAX 650-871-5707
Buy/Sell used biotech instruments.

BL Enterprises, Belmont CA
209-736-0684, FAX 209-736-0618
Broker/auctioneer semiconductor, test, biotechnology, analytical equipment,
fume hoods, incubators, spectrophotometers, microscopes, etc.

Block Scientific, Bellport NY
866-203-5777, 631-589-1118, FAX 631-589-4088
Buy/Sell reconditioned laboratory equipment, blood gas, chemistry,
hematology analyzers, centrifuges, etc.

Boston Industries, Walpole MA
617-366-2699, FAX 781-810-0082
Sells used & refurbished laboratory & scientific equipment.

Bunton Instrument, Mt. Airy MD
301-831-3434, FAX 301-831-3424
Sells new & used microscopes.

Cambridge Scientific, Cambridge MA
888-354-8908, FAX 617-354-3018
Buy/Sell chromatography, microscopes, DNA, robotics, balances, hoods,
autoclaves, microplates, synthesizers, sequencers, etc,

Capovani Brothers, Scotia NY
518-346-8347, FAX 518-381-9578
Buy/sell semiconductor, microelectronic, optical, laboratory,
materials testing equipment, sample preparation equipment.

Carmet Scientific, Santa Rosa CA
707-494-0191, FAX 707-544-1158
Buy/Sell surplus lab & biotech equipment, baths, centrifuges, DNA
sequencers, dryers, HPLC, etc.

Certified GeneTool, Pleasanton CA
925-737-0800 FAX 925-737-0900
Refurbished biotech instruments, PCR, sequencers, synthesizers, etc.

Certified Scientific Instruments, Sonora CA
209-288-2445, FAX 209-288-2976
Buy/Sell/Service used biotech equipment, DNA sequencers & synthesizers,
PCR devices, robots, autoclaves, centrifuges.

Chiller City, Mesa AZ
877-244-5501, 480-889-1092, FAX 602-532-7545
Buy/sell/service used recirculating chillers, baths, heat exchangers,
temperature forcing equipment. Online manuals.

Chiralizer Services, Hillsborough NC
Sells used laboratory equipment, HPLC, Agilent & HP.

Coast to Coast Medical, Fall River MA
Buy/Sell/Rent/Refurbish/Service used medical equipment, anesthesia
machines, radiology equipment, endoscopy equipment.

Compco Analytical, Little Ferry NJ
201-641-3936, FAX 201-641-5544
Repair Agilent/HP GC/MS systems & most gas chromatograph,
mass spectrometer, purge & trap, data systems.

ConductScience, Boston MA
888-267-4324, 888-267-4324, FAX 888-267-4324
Sells scientific equipment, automation, VR, drones, and more.

Cool Pair Plus, Algonquin IL
800-861-5956, 224-293-6060, FAX 224-293-6061
Sell/Repair MRI related cryogenic equipment.

Cosmetic Laser Warehouse, Deerfield Beach FL
954-254-4612, FAX 954-719-2422
Aftermarket sales & repair of used cosmetic & aesthetic lasers handpieces.

Didage Sales, Warsaw IN
574-268-9098, FAX 574-268-9506
Sell/Service new & refurbished medical equipment.

Diversified Equipment, Lorton VA
703-550-1994, FAX 703-354-9047
Buy/Sell molecular, cell, analytical, environmental laboratory equipment.

DRE Medical Equipment, Louisville, KY
800-462-8195, 502-244-4444, FAX 502-276-0580
Buy/sell/rent new & used medical equipment.

Eastern Applied Research, Lockport NY
Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate/Repair new & used XRF
(X-ray Fluorescence) instruments.

EcReCon, Penns Grove NJ
856-299-4500, FAX 856-299-4446
Buy/Sell surplus chemical, petrochemical, refining, plastics,
pharmaceutical & food process equipment.

Equipment Resurrection, Pacifica CA
Buy/Sell surplus & used laboratory equipment, balances, centrifuges,
microscopes, hotplates, microtomes, ovens, etc.

GenTech Scientific, Arcade NY
585-492-1068, FAX 585-492-0383
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, HPLC,
autosamplers, purge & trap, data systems & parts.

Global Medical Instrumentation, Ramsey MN
800-745-2710, 763-712-8717 FAX 763-712-8724
Buy/Sell new & used laboratory instrumentation, clinical chemistry,
chemical analysis, molecular biology, etc.

Grizzly Analytical, East Setauket NY
631-444-5616, FAX 631-706-7141
Buy/Sell used, reconditioned, rebuilt biotech lab equipment.

Harold Johns, Madison WI
608-221-1122, FAX 608-221-3526
Buy/sell electrical manufacturing equipment, ovens, chambers,
microscopes, lab, test, metallurgical equipment.

Heartland Medical Sales & Service, Louisville KY
866-467-5580, 502-438-9988
Sell, repair, rent medical equipment.

High Technology, Walpole MA
508-660-2221, FAX 508-660-2224
Buy/Sell new & surplus clinical laboratory, ultrasound, &
veterinary equipment., Mount Holly NJ
609-518-9100, FAX 732-879-0389
Buy/sell new/used lab, analytical, scientific, pilot
plant, process equipment.

Imaging Associates, Charlotte NC
877-720-9210, 704-522-8094, FAX 704-522-8098
Sell/Repair new & used ultrasound machines,
medical imaging & display equipment.

Integris Equipment, Newark NY
888-228-7564, FAX 888-586-7503
Buy/Sell/Refurbish medical products, mass spectrometers, chemistry
analyzers, defibrillators, monitors, EKGs, Ultrasound.

International Equipment Trading, Mundelein IL
800-438-4522, 847-913-0777, FAX 847-913-0785
Buy/sell/rent/lease/trade pre-owned & new analytical lab instruments,
biotech, electron microscopes, chromatography, NMR, etc.

LabCommerce, San Jose CA
408-265-6482, FAX 408-573-7659
Buy/sell laboratory ovens, analytical balances, incubators,
autoclaves, general lab equipment, apparatus.

Lab Recyclers, Gaithersburg MD
301-987-8728, FAX 301-987-0810
Buy/sell/broker/consign analytical instrumentation, biotech equipment,
lab furniture, fluorometer, x-ray diffraction, fume hoods, etc.

Labtek, Campbell CA
408-871-7700, FAX 408-871-7800
New & used microscopes & accessories, fiber optics, CCD cameras, etc.

LabTrader Scientific Equipment, Vista CA
760-560-0013, FAX 760-560-0020
Sells new & used laboratory & bioprocess equipment.

Laser Innovations, Santa Paula CA
805-933-0015, FAX 805-933-0042
Sell/rent/repair Coherent Ion, Solid State, & Dye laser systems.

Laser Resale, Loveland CO
978-758-3915, FAX 978-758-3915
Buy/sell used lasers & optical laboratory equipment.

Laser Surplus Sales, Dallas TX
214-631-5273, FAX 214-631-5274
Buy/sell lasers, optics, scientific test equipment.

Life Medical Equipment, Miami FL
305-594-0000, FAX 305-594-2020
Buy/sell/trade/repair microscopes, sterilizers, flow hoods,
viscometers, HPLC, chromatographs, freeze dryers, ovens.

Long Island Scientific, East Setauket, NY
631-928-3316, FAX 631-928-3221
Buy/sell/trade/rent/lease/repair liquid scintillation counters, gamma
counters, centrifuges, spectrophotometers & microplate instrumentation.

LR Environmental Equipment, Los Angeles CA
800-574-2748, 323-770-0634
Sell/rent/lease used lab equipment, Buehler, Labconco, Neslab,
sterilizers, ovens, chambers, incubators, etc.

M2 Associates, Sunnyvale CA
888-402-2778, FAX 888-901-4166
Buy/sell/rent microscopes & related equipment.

Marc S. Nathanson, Sharon MA
Buy/Sell/Repair/Parts Waters HPLCs.

McKinley Scientific, Sparta NJ
877-502-7082,973-579-4144, FAX 973-579-4145
Buy/Sell new & used mass spectrometers, NMR, HPLC, life science,
biotech equipment.

Meadows Instrumentation, Zion IL
Sells used & refurbished HPLC & GC lab equipment; Waters, Agilent.

Medical Equipment Sales Associates, New Berlin WI
Buy/Sell/Broker new & refurbished medical equipment.

MR Resources, Fitchburg MA
888-466-7435, FAX 978-345-4430
Buy/sell/trade/repair Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
equipment, parts, MRI & CT scanners.

MTC, Fenton MO
800-280-3220, 636-343-8928, FAX 636-349-2262
Sell/Repair new & remanufactured sterilizers (autoclaves),
glassware washers & dryers.

Multi Imager Service, Ontario CA
800-400-4549, 909-591-6444, FAX 909-591-5293
Buy/Sell/Service medical imaging equipment, laser imagers,
film printers, laser cameras, computed radiography.

NTC Tech, Rancho Cordova CA
916-538-6304, FAX 916-235-9300
Buy/Sell laboratory/biotech/medical/chemical equipment., Scotts Valley CA
831-438-4999, FAX 831-438-1436
Sell/repair microscopes, eutectic die bonders.

Optotek, Cottonwood CA
800-924-6023, FAX 530-653-2222
Sell/Repair new & used microscopes, stages, cameras, video, wafer fab

Quantum Analytics, Foster City CA
800-992-4199, 650-312-0900, FAX 650-312-0313
Sell/Rent/Lease new & used analytical instrumentation.

Sci-bay, Rochester NY
800-240-5570, 585-266-5550 FAX 585-266-1598
Buy/Sell new & used lab equipment, analytical balances, water baths,
centrifuges, furnaces, hoods, etc.

Scientific Asset Management, Basking Ridge NJ
Buy/Sell lab. inst, biotech, Pharma, Univ. DNA, LC, MS, GC Cytometry, Fermentors, Pilot, Spectroscopy, Beads, etc.

Scientific Equipment Repair, Mountain View CA
650-938-3169, FAX 650-390-9758
Repair/Sell used laboratory equipment, AA, autoclaves, HPLC, microscopes,
GC, spectrophotometers, ovens, etc.

Scientific Surplus, Hillsborough NJ
908-281-9991, FAX 908-281-9561
Buy/Sell/Repair new & used lab equipment, fermenters, centrifuges,
shakers, etc.

Scientific Support, Hayward CA
877-831-5580, 510-783-1127, FAX 510-783-1168
Buy/sell/rent refurbished lab, analytical, & biotech equipment.

SERCO Technical Services, Livermore CA
800-483-0508, 925-443-2048, FAX 925-443-2049
Repair, sell, upgrade, modification, field servicing of microscopes.

Silicon Valley Micro Service, San Jose CA
408-373-8140, FAX 408-248-3993
Repair/Calibrate microscopes. Sells used microscopes.

Spectra Services, Ontario NY
800-955-7732, 585-265-4320, FAX 585-265-4374
Used microscopes, stages, video cameras.

Spectron, Anacortes WA
800-747-8624, FAX 425-458-4412
Buy/Sell used laboratory equipment, clinical, biotech, research, analytical., Phoenix AZ
877-967-1904, 623-581-9777, FAX 623-434-8351
Buy/Sell/Trade/Rent - laboratory equipment.

The Lab World Group, Woburn MA
Buy/Sell refurbished & used lab equipment throughout the globe.

The Laser Agent, Indianapolis IN
317-570-0448, FAX 317-245-2514
Buy/Sell used ophthalmic, surgical, veterinary, & aesthetic lasers.

Tottleben Scientific, Edwardsville IL
618-656-9008, FAX 618-656-9599
Sells used & demo laboratory, medical, surgical microscopes & colposcopes.

Triad Scientific, Manasquan NJ
800-867-6690, 732-292-1994, FAX 732-292-1961
Buy/Sell/Repair used laboratory, biotech, pharmaceutical,
chromatography, spectroscopy equipment.

United Biomedical Sales & Service, Selden NY
631-736-4805, FAX 631-736-4805
Buy/Sell/Service analytical & life science research laboratory
equipment, Beckman, Sorvall, microfuges, etc.

Vermont Optechs, Charlotte VT
802-425-2040, FAX 802-425-2074
Sells refurbished research grade microscopes, Zeiss, Wild, Nikon, Leitz.

Welltech Enterprises, Chantilly VA
703-817-1300, FAX 703-817-1100
Buy/Sell new & used laboratory equipment, centrifuges, spectrometers,
chromatographs, microscopes, DNA/RNA/Protein analyzers, etc.

White Horse Technical Services, San Gabriel CA
626-840-9004, FAX 888-880-5116
Buy/Sell/Service/Rebuild used LECO instrumentation.
Field PM & repair service.

X-RAY NOW, Tustin CA
714-396-2519, FAX 714-363-5555
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate reconditioned XRF equipment.
Onsite repair.

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