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HPLC, Incubators, Medical Lasers, Metallurgy, Microplate Instrumentation,
Microscopes, MRI, NMR, Sequencers, Spectrophotometers, Ultrasound, XRF, etc.

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Replace that missing operating or service manual.

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Repair of electronics, microscopes, vacuum, robotics, lasers, etc.

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Equipment financing. Equipment moving. Misc services.

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1st Quality Electronics, Front Royal VA
877-225-7372, 540-636-8926, FAX
Calibrate/Repair test & measurement equipment.

Accura Calibration, Garland TX
972-278-7878, FAX 972-278-1288
Calibrate electrical, electronic, RF, microwave, dimensional,
temperature, humidity, high voltage & current.

ACR Calibration Services, Newport News, VA
866-487-3227, 757-890-0460, FAX 757-890-0462
Calibrate/Repair environmental chambers, accelerometers, balances,
dimensional, temperature, pressure, tachometers, HALT chambers, etc.

Aero Standard Calibration, Lewisville TX
877-521-2600, 972-436-2600, FAX 972-436-2685
Calibrate & repair avionics test equipment & dimensional tools.

Aldinger, Dallas TX
888-822-1299, 214-638-1808, FAX 214-638-1750
Calibrate physical/dimensional, mass, force/torque, temperature,
pressure, electronic, spectrophotometers, mobile calibration.

All American Scales & Calibration, Paris OH
800-397-0481, 330-862-8100
Calibrate dimensional, electronics, pressure, microscopes, comparators,
profilometers, etc., field service.

Allometrics, Baton Rouge LA
800-528-2246, 225-272-4484, FAX 225-272-0844
Calibrate/Repair laboratory equipment, balances, chromatographs,
titrators, spectrophotometers, forensic equipment, on site.

Alltest Instruments, Farmingdale NJ
732-919-3339, FAX 732-919-3332
Test Equipment Surplus Sales, Repair, Calibration, Rent, Service, Trade-Ins.

American Calibration, Crystal Lake IL
815-356-5839, FAX 815-356-5851
Calibration of electronic & mechanical instuments.

American Instrument, Hartland WI
262-367-4409, FAX 262-367-1154
Calibrate/Repair temperature, sand testing, infra-red instrumentation,
hardness, pH, dimensional, etc.

Amtronix Instruments, Lakewood NY
716-763-9104, FAX 716-763-0371
Calibrate/Repair HP8920A/B, HP8921A units.

Applied Technical Services, Marietta GA
770-423-1400, FAX 770-514-3299
Calibrate electronic, mechanical, pressure & dimensional equipment.
On-site service, national & international.

AppMet, North Charleston SC
800-608-5570, 843-767-5664, FAX 843-767-1364
Calibrate/Repair dimensional, electrical, electronic, mechanical,
physical, on-site service.

Arrow-Tech, Rolla ND
Calibrate dosimeters, survey meters, area monitors.

Assurance Technologies, Bartlett IL
800-231-1782, 630-550-5000, FAX 630-550-5001
Calibration of mechanical, electronic instruments, gauges, etc.

Atomic Energy Industrial Lab, Houston TX
877-866-2345, 713-790-9719, FAX 713-790-0542
Calibrate portable radiation survey meters.

Axis Metrology, Livonia MI
800-839-6223, 248-888-7710, FAX 248-888-7712
Calibrate/Repair/Upgrade/Train Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Bagan, Columbia City IN
800-552-5115, 260-244-5115, FAX 260-244-4158
Calibration: in-lab & on-site, electrical, mechanical, dimensional,
chemical, thermodynamics, time & frequency. Used equipment repair & sales.

Baseline Service, Middlesex NJ
800-832-5294, 732-563-1200, FAX 732-563-1210
Repair/Calibrate laboratory instruments, chromatography, temperature,
humidity, spectrophotometers, balances, pH, chart recorders, etc.

Bravo Technical Services, Terre Haute IN
877-249-3594, 812-235-3757
Calibrate/Repair GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent, Factron in-circuit test systems.

Broadview Instrumentation Services, Valley View OH
800-547-8570, 216-525-0050, FAX 216-525-0051
Calibrate/Repair electronic test equipment, dimensional, force,
accelerometers, flow meters, humidity, temperature, etc.

Brylen Technologies, Santa Barbara CA
800-726-0062, 805-692-9300, FAX 805-692-1966
Calibrate dimensional, physical, electrical, cleanroom certification.

Bullseye Calibration, Bloomfield CT
860-242-4953, FAX 860-242-5950
Calibrate temperature, humidity, mass, electronics, vibration, etc.

CAL LAB, South Holland IL & Brookfield WI
800-373-1759, 708-596-5800, FAX 708-596-5802
262-790-1916, FAX 262-790-1949
Cal/Repair of instrumentation (onsite) ISO 17025.

Cal Tec Labs, Pittsburgh PA
800-797-3338, 412-919-1377 FAX 412-919-1388
Calibrate dimensional, process, electronic equipment.

Caley & Whitmore, Somerville MA
800-332-3660, FAX 617-776-9393
Repair/Calibrate laboratory instruments, balances, scales, microscopes,
incubators, microtomes, spectrophotometers, dimensional tools, etc.

Calibrate, Washington GA
800-253-7064, FAX 706-678-3392
Calibrate/Repair pipettes. On-site service.

Calibration Solutions, Cornelius NC
877-987-2252, 704-987-4300, FAX 704-987-4315
Calibrate electronics, comparators, dimensional, balances, ovens,
pressure, vacuum, tachometers, etc.

CalSource, Syracuse NY
866-895-8648, FAX 315-425-1175
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, mechanical, soldering irons,
viscosity, pH, load cells, centrifuges, etc.

Caltronix, Rochester NY
800-836-5780, 585-359-3780, FAX 585-334-0064
Calibrate/repair electronics, dimensional, mechanical, temperature,
on-site service.

C & C Technologies, Apex NC
866-938-3782, 919-362-1116, FAX 919-362-0380
Calibrate environmental chambers and multimeters.

Century Labs II, Fort Wayne IN
260-471-1673, FAX 260-471-0501
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, humidity, mass, pressure,
temperature, vibration, etc., on-site service.

Certified Measurements, Centerville GA
800-525-0408, 478-953-5171, FAX 478-953-2688
Calibrate/Repair electronic, dimensional, force, pressure, temperature.

Cincinatti Precision Instruments, Cincinatti OH
800-686-3730, 513-874-2122, FAX 513-874-2536
Calibrate/Repair electronic & physical/dimensional test equipment.

Coastal Instruments, Burgaw NC
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate mass flow controllers, vacuum gauges.

Conrad Kacsik Instrument Systems, Solon OH
800-666-1165, 440-836-0103, FAX 440-836-0115
Calibration of industrial temperature control systems.

Continental Resources, Bedford MA
800-937-4688, 781-275-0850, FAX 781-275-2046
Buy/sell/rent/lease/calibrate electronic test equipment.

Custom-Cal, Ewing NJ
609-530-9000, FAX 609-530-9001
Cal/Repair generic, optical & RF equipment. Field calibrations.

Datagate Systems, Carson City NV
Repair/Refurbish/Calibrate component
level support of obsolete Test Equipment.

Davis Inotek, Baltimore MD
800-358-5545, 800-492-6767, 410-358-3900, 972-243-7000
Calibrate/Repair electrical, electronics, X-ray, radiography, pipettes,
temperature, humidity, etc., on-site, 28 locations.

Dodson Technical Services, Brea CA
714-993-2079, FAX 714-993-9173
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate new & used vibration test equipment,
accelerometers, transducers, shakers, amplifiers, parts, field service.

Dynamic Technology, Hartland MI
810-225-4601, FAX 810-225-4602
Calibrate acoustics, dimensional, RF, Microwave, flow, pressure, etc.

Eastern Applied Research, Lockport NY
716-625-8311, FAX 716-625-8319
Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate/Repair new & used XRF
(X-ray Fluorescence) instruments.

Econoscope, Mount Hamilton CA
Sell/Rent/Repair/Calibrate Temptronic equipment,
air temperature forcing units, hot & cold chucks, chambers.

Electro-Lab Services, Evansville IN
800-423-5212, 812-423-5211, FAX 812-421-3689
Calibrate/Repair industrial electronic equipment, onsite calibration.

Electronics Laboratories, Westminster MD
410-868-7788, FAX 410-871-9900
Calibration of electronic, fiber optic, physical dimensional equipment.

Engineering Dynamics, Englewood CO
303-761-4367, FAX 303-761-4379
Calibration & repair of sound & vibration instruments.

ENV Services, Hatfield PA
800-883-3681, FAX 215-997-5088
Cleanroom certification, biosafety cabinet certification,
laboratory & process control instrument calibration.

Envirocal, Sabina OH
Calibrate temperature, Agree, humidity chambers, chart recorders,
multimeters, panel meters, Salt Spray/Fogging cabinets, etc.

Envirotronics, Grand Rapids MI
800-368-4768, 616-554-5020, FAX 616-554-5021
Calibrate environmental test chambers. Field service.

Essco Calibration Laboratory, Chelmsford, MA
Calibrate electronics, temperature, humidity, flow, dimensional,
pressure, fiber optics, viscosity, pH, etc.

European Craftsman Metrology Lab, Norcross GA
Calibrate dimensional, mechanical, & electronics.

Exact Calibration, Encinitas CA
800-599-1497, FAX 760-753-7959
Calibrate/Repair Leitz, Brown & Sharpe coordinate measuring machines.

Exelon PowerLabs, Coatesville PA
Calibrate bio-medical, radiation, electrical, EMF, electrical,
dimensional, flow, pressure, torque, cable fault locating equipment.

Fulcrum Precision Services, Longwood FL
Specializing in RF test equipment repair to 50 Ghz.

Get Tweaked, Durham NC
Calibrate/Repair test equipment.

Gordon Instrument Labs, Peoria IL
309-637-1797, FAX 309-637-3189
Repair/Calibrate electronic instruments measuring temperature,
pressure, flow, recorders, transmitters, etc.

Gore Laboratories, Amherst NH
603-889-4800, FAX 603-889-4900
Repair/calibrate electrical test & measurement equipment.

Griffin, Herriman UT
801-253-6611, FAX 801-253-6622
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, torque, etc.

H&D Microwave Calibration, Garden Grove CA
714-251-3515, FAX 714-638-8311
Buy/sell/cal/repair HP/Agilent test equipment.

Hampton Controls, Wendel PA
724-861-0150, FAX 724-861-0160
Calibrate/Repair industrial instrumentation.

Hayes Instrument, Billerica MA
978-663-4800, FAX 978-663-3812
Buy/sell/rent/repair/cal test equipment.

Helium Leak Testing, Northridge CA
800-423-1701, 818-349-5690, FAX 818-717-8584
Calibrate vacuum gauges.

HJM Precision, Troy NY
888-851-1960, 518-235-7407, FAX 518-235-7411
Calibrate/Repair electrical, microscopes, pressure, dimensional, torque,
scales, balances, comparators, etc.

Hoffman Engineering, Stamford CT
203-425-8900, FAX 203-425-8910
Optical calibrations of sources & sensors: luminance, radiance,
irradiance, color temperature, detectors, etc.

ICC Instrument, Santa Ana CA
800-422-2739, 714-540-4966, FAX 714-540-5327
Calibrate electrical, dimensional, temperature, pH, vacuum, etc.

IET Labs, Westbury NY
800-899-8438, 516-334-5959, FAX 516-334-5988
Repair/Calibrate GenRad instruments & standards.

Illiana Instrumentation Service, Merrillville IN
219-942-5588, FAX 219-942-0366
Calibrate process control instrumentation. On-site calibration.

Industrial Process Measurement, Edison NJ
732-632-6400, FAX 732-632-6064
Calibration & repair of test & measurement equipment.

Instrument Calibration Solutions, Beaver Falls PA
724-846-0136, FAX 724-846-0137
Calibrate electrical, dimensional, microscopes, temperature, etc.

Instrument Repair & Calibration, Houston TX
888-807-6303, 713-910-0106, FAX 713-941-8469
Repair/Calibrate/Certify measurement & test equipment
both electronic & physical dimensional.

A.A. Jansson, Waterford MI
800-526-7766, 248-674-4811, 248-674-1234
Calibrate/Repair comparators, vision Systems, hardness testers,
surface plates. etc., sells new & used equipment.

J.A. King, Cary NC
800-327-7727, 919-677-9432, FAX 919-677-9435
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, environmental chambers, weight,
sound meters, RF, etc.

J.H. Metrology, Rolling Meadows IL
800-808-0290, 847-991-0290 FAX 847-991-0348
Calibrate electrical, dimensional, RF, microwave, vibration, onsite cal.

JJ Calibrations, Portland OR
800-644-1819, 503-786-3005, FAX 503-786-2994
Calibrate/Repair electronics, dimensional, pressure, onsite cal.

Kon-Sult, Hudson NH
603-882-7464, FAX 603-882-5446
Calibrate/Repair close tolerance measurement equipment.

Laboratory Testing, Hatfield PA
800-219-9095, FAX 800-219-9096
Instrument calibration & repair, dimensional/CMM,
force, torque, pressure, mass & vacuum.

Laco Technologies, Salt Lake City UT
800-465-1004, 801-486-1004, FAX 801-486-1007
Calibration of vacuum and leak detection equipment. A2LA accredited.

LKC Systems, Gaithersburg MD
Repair/Calibrate electronic & electro-mechanical equipment.

Massachusetts Metrology and Instrument Service, Rockland MA
781-982-7125, FAX 781-982-7152
Calibrate electrical, temperature, dimensional, pH, ORP, flow,
viscometers, humidity, pressure, etc. On-site calibrations.

MATsolutions, Irving TX
877-825-5077, 972-525-2609
Cal/repair test & measurement equipment (even if obsolete.)
Accredited calibration lab, on-site & in-house cal.

Metrol System, Apopka FL
866-230-4142, 407-880-1959, FAX 407-880-1843
Calibration/Repair/Sell electronic test equipment.

Metrology Management, Palm Bay FL
321-768-8484, FAX 321-768-8686
NIST traceable calibration of electronic, mechanical, physical,
medical, avionic equipment.

Micro Precision Calibration, Grass Valley CA
530-268-1860, FAX 530-268-1203
Calibrate electrical, fiber optics, optical power, dimensional,
humidity, pressure, force, temperature, etc. On-site cal.

Midwest ATE, Palos Heights IL
Buy/Sell/Consign/Repair/Calibrate electronic test equipment.

Midwest Metrology, Clayton OH
937-832-0965, FAX 937-832-0966
Calibrate/Repair electrical, dimensional, temperature, pressure,
process equipment. On-site service.

MJW Technical Services, Olean NY
716-372-5300, FAX 716-372-5307
Calibrate radiation detection equipment.

Morrow Service, South San Francisco CA
877-667-7697, 650-873-1933 FAX 650-873-1936
Repair/Calibrate laboratory equipment, centrifuges, LS counters,
ultracentrifuges, spectrophotometers, incubators, etc.

Mohawk, Chadwicks NY
800-225-6642, 315-737-7328, FAX 315-737-7347
Calibrate telco, fiber, electronic test equipment.

Moyer Instruments, Tamaqua PA
877-434-5377, 570-668-2607, FAX 570-668-4720
Calibrate/Repair process instruments, flowmeters, thermometers,
transmitters, gauges, GC, AA, HPLC, etc.

National Calibration, Phoenix AZ
Calibrate electronics, temperature, humidity, force, weight, pressure,
vacuum, aviation equipment, etc.

Norway Labs, Beaverton OR
503-924-5846, FAX 503-214-8518
Sell/Repair/Cal test equipment, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers,
Tektronix & Magni television broadcast equipment.

Nova Biotech, El Cajon CA
619-579-0077, FAX 619-579-0061
Repair/Calibrate spectrophotometers, Spectrofluorometers, Microplate
Readers, HPLC, FPLC, PCR, FTIR, Polarimeters & GC instruments.

Palen/Kimball, St. Paul MN
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.

Pre-Cal Services, Apollo PA
724-335-6966, FAX 724-335-3825
Calibration & Repair laboratory. Also buy & sell refurbished
pressure & electronic equipment & standards.

Precision Measurements, Sunnyvale CA
408-733-8600, FAX 408-733-8014
Cal/Repair electronic, fiber optic, mechanical,
physical, dimensional, biochemical, & environmental test equipment.

Precision Metrology, Milwaukee WI
800-362-4243, 414-351-7420, FAX 414-351-7429
Calibration Lab: electronic, dimensional, acceleration, vibration,
temperature, field service.

Primary Instruments, Chatsworth CA
818-993-4971, FAX 818-701-5516
Calibrate avionics, electronics, optics, dimensional, temperature, etc.

Quality Surveillance, Oxnard CA
805-240-2448, FAX 805-240-2451
Cal/Repair RF, electronic & mechanical measurement tools.
ISO accredited.

Qal-Tek Associates, Idaho Falls ID
888-523-5557, 208-523-5557, FAX 208-524-8470
Calibrate portable nuclear density gauges, radiation monitoring

Quality Calibration Service, West Allis WI
800-285-0035, 414-256-8900, FAX 414-256-8911
Calibrate electronics, dimensional. Field service.

Quality Scales Unlimited, Byron CA
800-722-5301, 925-634-8068
Industrial scale (weighing equipment) repair & calibration.

Quality Testing Services, Maryland Heights MO
888-770-0607, 314-770-0607, FAX 314-770-0103
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, temperature, light meters,
mass, torque, pressure, vacuum, etc.

R.A. Electrical Services, Glendale CA
866-327-8522, 818-686-0500, FAX 818-686-0520
Calibrate/Repair optical, electronics, medical, pH, acceleration,
temperaure, humidity, viscosity, torque, etc.

RS Calibration Services, Pleasanton CA
877-799-0922, 925-462-4217
Equipment calibration, validation & temperature mapping services in California.

SE Laboratories, Santa Clara CA
800-939-2257, 408-727-3286, FAX 408-988-6186
Repair/cal electronic & mechanical, environmental testing.
DC - microwave, laser power, telecom, biomedical.

Silicon Valley Micro Service, Campbell CA
408-871-8811, FAX 408-248-3993
Repair/Calibrate microscopes. Sells used microscopes.

SIMCO Electronics, Sunnyvale CA
800-432-2351, 408-734-9750 FAX 408-734-9754
Calibrate/Repair electronic test equipment, dimensional, fiber optics,
avionics, telco, life science.

Spectrum Mechanical Services, Keyport NJ
732-264-8150, FAX 732-264-8120
Repair/Calibrate environmental chambers.

Standards and Calibrations, Des Plaines IL
888-301-0500, 847-296-7121, FAX 847-296-7183
Calibrate electrical, RF, microwave, dimensional, temperature.

Stephens Analytical, Newtown Square PA
800-267-7474, FAX 610-353-5827
Calibrate humidity, trace moisture analyzers, dew point meters.

Tangent Labs, Indianapolis IN
888-701-2378, 317-487-2378, FAX 317-487-2375
Calibrate electrical, dimensional, process equipment.

Technical Maintenance, St. Petersburg FL
727-526-3200, FAX 727-526-4150
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, fiber optics, Sonet.

Test Equipment Connection, Lake Mary FL
800-615-8378, 407-804-1299, FAX 800-819-8378, 407-804-1277
Buy/sell/rent/trade/lease/repair/calibrate general electronic test

Testwave, Sparks NV
775-356-8378, FAX 775-356-8290
Electronic & physical/dimensional test equipment
and measurement equipment.

The Modal Shop, Cincinatti OH
800-860-4867, 513-351-9919 FAX 513-458-2172
Calibrate accelerometers, microphones, impact hammers, force transducers.

TIC-MS, St. Louis MO
314-432-3633, FAX 314-432-3773
Calibrate electrical, dimensional, humidity, pressure, etc.

TMI, St. Petersburg FL
727-526-3200, FAX 727-526-4150
Calibrate/Repair electronic & mechanical devices, fiber optics, Sonet.

Transcat, Rochester NY
800-800-5001, 585-352-9460, FAX 800-395-0543, 585-352-1486
Calibrate/Repair electrical, thermodynamic, pressure, dimensional,
optical. Onsite service.

Tru Cal International, Bensenville IL
800-681-5540, 630-238-8100, FAX 630-238-8101
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal general purpose/RF/microwave test equipment,

Upstate Metrology, Rochester NY
877-420-3854, 585-292-6430, FAX 585-292-6437
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, pressure, temperature, humidity,
on-site calibration.

usCalibration, Irvine CA
949-724-9474, FAX 949-724-9472
Calibrate DC/RF, dimensional, temperature, humidity, force, optical,
acoustical, time, etc.

Wintronics, Millington NJ
800-247-7976, 908-647-0144, FAX 908-647-8379
Calibrate electronics, dimensional, torque, temperature, pressure.
Field service.

X-RAY NOW, Tustin CA
714-396-2519, FAX 714-544-0137
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Calibrate reconditioned XRF equipment.
Onsite repair.

Young Calibration, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, United Kingdom
+44 1273 454120
Accredited calibration services for flow, air velocity & pressure.

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