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Q: How are listings selected for this directory?

A: If your products fit the audience of this list
   (technicians, engineers, scientists, and purchasing agents)
   then you are probably in.  We are looking for sellers of USED
   equipment in high-tech areas such as electronic test,
   semiconductor production & assembly, optics, high vacuum gear,
   laboratory equipment, electronics assembly equipment etc.
   Other related services, such as repair, calibration, etc., too.
   No junk dealers.  Non-US dealers are very welcome.  If you are
   primarily a new equipment dealer your web site must show clear
   evidence of used equipment sales.  One listing per company.
   Spammers will be banned, as well as those posting excessive
   newsgroup announcements or anyone defaming another dealer.
   Abusive web sites that flood visitors with excessive pop-ups
   or require visitors to download plug-ins or to view movies to
   get useful information will not be listed.
   The decision of the judge is final.

To submit a listing, email the following information:

  1. Company name. (No "Inc", "Co", "Ltd", "LLC" etc. No street address.)
  2. City, State/Province, Country (if not U.S.).
  3. One toll-free voice number, if you have one.
  4. One non toll-free voice number. (Needed by non-US callers!)
  5. One FAX number.
  6. Specify business operations: i.e.: Buy, sell, rent, lease, auction, cal?
  7. Specify single best category:
    * General Electronic Test Equipment.
    * Laboratory/Biotech/Medical/Chemical Equipment.
    * Electronic Production/Semiconductor Manufacturing/Misc High Tech.
    * Rental/Lease Specialist.
    * Auction or Listing Service.
    * Equipment Manuals.
    * Non-US. (All non-US go under this section, regardless of category).
    * Equipment Financing.
    * Equipment Moving.
    * Repair (especially mention if you do field servicing).
    * Calibration Laboratories
    (NOTE: You may submit yourself for more than one category IF your
    web site shows clear evidence of business activity in that category.
    New equipment dealers must show evidence of used equipment sales.
    No "Under Construction", "Coming Soon" will be accepted.

  8. Describe products/services? TEN WORD LIMIT. No hype!
  9. A functioning email address is required - please be certain about spelling!
  10. Web Page URL, if you have one - but DO NOT submit a URL that isn't yet fully operational!
  11. How did you hear about this web site?
  12. Have you checked to see if you are already listed? 61% of 'new' submissions are already listed.

NOTE: If you don't answer ALL of the questions - you don't get listed!


It is YOUR responsibility to keep this information updated!

NO ATTACHMENTS!!! No HTML email please.

NOTE: Once a year we will send you an email requesting
verification of your listing information. Please respond
to that email promptly or your listing will be deleted!
If email to you bounces back, is reported 'deleted not read'
or is blocked by an antispam program, your listing will be deleted.
Maintaining a valid functioning email address with us is a condition
of being listed on

Statement of Certain Policies of

Please note that although is not a 'police force',
abuse of this Directory or of the Internet will not be tolerated.

Grounds for removal of a listing...
  1. Email Spamming - sending unsolicited email after recipient requests
    removal from mailing list, or sending any unsolicited email over 100 kilobytes.
    Follow the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
  2. Newsgroup Spamming - excessive newsgroup postings.
  3. Defaming, Malicious, or Inflammatory Remarks - made publicly about
    any other dealer, whether they are listed on or not.
  4. Multiple Listing of Same Company - attempting to list the same company more than once.
  5. Excessive Complaints - three or more documented complaints of
    deceptive business practices.
  6. Non-Competitive - Companies listed on shall not
    directly or indirectly compete with by engaging in a
    business similar or competitive to the business of the
  7. Non-Operative Email Address - You must at all times maintain
    a valid email address so that we can contact you.
Removals are unannounced. No public notice is made.
You may reapply for listing in one year.