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WANTED! is a free listing section on WANTED! is for listing items you are looking for that you have not been able to find from your usual sources. Instructions for submitting a listing appear at the end of the listings below.

Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A Vector Signal Generator working with options B9, B22, B13XT, K62, K526
Can pay $25K, but must have Options B9, B22, B13XT, K62, K526
Located in USA (Oregon)
Company: NWR

Kodak Kodamatic 9800 photo processor dead or alive for parts.
Need to locate the following parts: Conveyor Drive Card - p/n: 1J1934 (qty 1 or 2).
Opto Interupter - p/n: 1J1922 or (10032984) (qty 5 to 10).
email what you have available and how much you are asking.
Sanmina Corp, Owego, NY

Tektronix CRTs:
Looking for the following numbers: 154-0103-00 5CAP11, 154-00162-00
5CAP16/T52P16, 5BHP5, 154-0099-00 5BHP11, 154-0092-00 5BGP16/T54P16,
154-0127-00 5CBP11, 154-0148-00 T316P11, 154-0157-00 T316P11, 154-0158-0
T316P16, 154-0218-00 T317P11, 154-0325-00 T317P16, 154-0221-00 T555P11,
154-0230-00 T581P11, (for 465) 154-0676-04, 154-0676-09, 154-0676-19,
154-0731-04, (for 453) 154-0492-03, 154-0495-04, (for 454) 154-0504-04,
154-0505-04, 154-0742-04, (for 454A) 154-0619-04, 154-0619-14,
(for 561A) 154-0399-00, 154-0456-00, others 154-0267-00,
154-0318-00, 154-076604, 154-0459-00, 154-0478-03, 154-0568-03,
154-0452-00, 154-0567-01, 154-0437-00, 154-0476-02, 154-0775-04,
154-0776-04, 154-0479-02, 154-0569-00, 154-0570-04, 154-0335-00.
Looking for good to NOS crts, no burns. I am looking for the P5, P11
and/or P16 types. Call 804-276-3983.
I am in the USA, company name is Vincent Electronics.

Tektronix 7844 with plug-ins and option 78.
Looking for a working 7844 with the four plug-ins with option 78.
It can be the 7844/3/78. If possible, the 7B92/A time base
plug-ins are preferred. I will pay a reasonable rational price,
not unreasonable prices that are multiple times its worth.
Call 804-276-3983 (Vincent Electronics). I am in the USA.

I am looking for the specs of the following crts: Electronic Tube
Corp. 54DGP11 and Dumont/Fairchild F777o-0P31.
Call Vincent Electronics at 804-276-3983. I am in the USA.

The Rules:

To run an ad email the following info to s j n o l l @ i x . n e t c o m . c o m
  1. Make & model of what you are looking for.
  2. Essential & BRIEF details. Examples: 'Will pay $xxx.' 'Must have
    IEEE option.' 'Dead units OK - need for parts.'
  3. ONE way to contact you - ONE phone number or ONE fax number or
    ONE email address, etc. Just ONE, please, AND CLEARLY INDICATE IT IN

  4. Country you are located in.
  5. Your company name. This will not appear in your WANTED! ad.
  6. Requests sent ALL UPPER CASE or with HTML will not be posted.

SCAM ALERT: Beware of any responses to your Big-List WANTED! ad from outside your country, with no company name, using a free email address (i.e.: gmail, hotmail, etc.,) or not stating the price when you requested it in your ad. They will want you to send money - and you will receive nothing in return. Do business only with known dealers!

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