Used General Electronic Test Equipment Dealers by State

Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment_Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment
Probers, Bonders, Soldering, Vacuum, ATE, PCB, SMT, Ovens, etc.

General Electronic Test Equipment Dealers_General Electronic Test Equipment Dealers
Oscilloscopes, Meters, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Supplies, etc.

Non-U.S. Equipment Dealers and Services_Non-U.S. Equipment Dealers and Services
30 countries represented by over 267 companies.

Laboratory Biotech Medical Chemical Equipment Dealers_130 Used Laboratory/Biotech/Medical/Chemical Equipment Dealers
i.e.: Autoclaves, Balances, Centrifuges, Chromatography, CT, FTIR, Hoods
HPLC, Incubators, Medical Lasers, Metallurgy, Microplate Instrumentation,
Microscopes, MRI, NMR, Sequencers, Spectrophotometers, Ultrasound, XRF, etc.

High Tech Equipment Rental and Lease Companies_High Tech Equipment Rental and Lease Companies

High Tech Equipment Auction and Listing Services_High Tech Equipment Auction and Listing Services

Equipment Manual Dealers_Equipment Manual Dealers
Replace that missing operating or service manual.

Equipment Calibration Laboratories_Equipment Calibration Laboratories
Electronic, dimensional, lightwave, environmental equipment cal.

Equipment Repair, Refurbishing, and Rebuilding Services_Equipment Repair, Refurbishing, and Rebuilding Services
Repair of electronics, microscopes, vacuum, robotics, lasers, etc.

Miscellaneous Services - financing, moving, etc._Miscellaneous Services
Equipment financing. Equipment moving. Misc services.

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Dealers are listed in order of State, then in order of
their non-toll-free voice phone number area code:

Alabama Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia
Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Masschusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee
Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming



Alaska Calibration, Anchorage AK
866-677-1993, 907-677-1993, FAX 907-677-1995
Sell/rent/service test & measurement equipment.


Sonoran Surplus, Scottsdale AZ
480-483-6202, FAX 480-483-6403
Buy/Sell used test equipment.

Equilution, Tucson AZ
Buy/sell/broker used electronic test equipment.

Coppes Electronics, Douglas AZ
Sell/Repair power supplies.

Southwest Liquidators, Tucson AZ
520-747-2083, FAX 520-889-5263
Buy/sell industrial surplus test, production & microwave equipment.

Coppes Enterprises, Tucson AZ
520-749-8471, FAX 520-760-7780
Buy/sell electronic test and measurement equipment.

Certronics, Phoenix AZ
602-200-0911, FAX 602-200-8996
Sells used test equipment.

Surplus Sales Line, Suprise AZ
602-321-3262, FAX 623-466-7504
Buy/Sell gas monitoring, computer router & switching equipment.

MHZ Electronics, Phoenix AZ
866-649-3532, 602-681-9100, FAX 602-681-3850
Buy/sell new & used test equipment, semiconductor manufacturing
equipment, equipment manuals., Phoenix AZ
877-967-1904, 623-581-9777, FAX 623-434-8351
Buy/Sell/Trade/Rent - fiber optic, electronic/RF/optical
test equipment, semiconductor, lab, motion control.


Abtech Systems Test and Measurement Div, Carlsbad CA
800-474-7397, 760-827-5100
Buy/Sell/Rent used & new test equipment.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals, San Diego CA
888-404-2832, 858-558-6500, FAX 858-558-6570
Rent/Lease/Sell electronic test equipment, chambers, meters,
calibrators, analyzers, power supplies.

Agilent Technologies (Hewlett-Packard), CA
800-829-4444, FAX 800-829-4433
Refurbished HP & Agilent test and measurement instruments.

Amitron, Chatsworth CA
818-341-7780, FAX 818-407-1625
Buy/Sell/Repair electronic test equipment, computer parts & peripherals.

Applied Quality Test, San Jose CA
866-677-0427, 408-531-5300, FAX 916-779-6364
Buy/sell/repair/auction general purpose test & measurement equipment.

Aptec Electronics, El Segundo CA
310-640-7262, 310-640-8266
Buy/sell electronic test equipment.

Asset Management Systems, Benicia CA
707-751-0383, FAX 707-751-0384
Buy/sell/repair microwave equipment, especially HP 8350B Plug-ins.

Avalon Equipment, Vista CA
888-542-8256, 760-536-0191, FAX 760-536-0184
Buy/sell/rent/lease electronic test equipment.

Axiom Test Equipment, Vista CA
760-806-6600, FAX 760-806-6659
Sell/rent/buy used electronic test equipment- HP/Agilent, Tek,
Keithley, etc.

BaySide Test Equipment, Foster City CA
650-312-9200, FAX 650-312-9201
Buy/Sell new & refurbished electronic test equipment.

Calright Instruments, San Diego CA
866-363-6634, 619-429-4545, FAX 619-374-7012
Buy/sell/rent/repair new & used electronic test & measurement equipment.

Choice Instruments, Sunnyvale CA
408-738-0868, FAX 408-738-0811
Buy/sell electronics test equipment by HP, Tek, etc.

Choudhry Electronics, Newbury Park CA
805-498-1132, FAX 805-498-3021
Buy/sell test equipment.

Comware Technical Services, Irvine CA
800-460-1970, 949-851-9600, FAX 949-851-8431
Buy/sell ATE, GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent/HP, emulators, parts & service.

Correctest, San Jose CA
408-456-0388, FAX 408-456-0838
Sell/Rent test & measurement instrumentation.

Culver Consulting, Ventura CA
805-684-3974, FAX 805-684-3974
Buy/sell/service new & used semiconductor process tools,
test equipment & spare parts.

Don Morgan, Signal Hill CA
562-490-0396 , FAX 562-594-4556
Sells used plating rectifiers & power supplies., Union City CA
510-471-4471, FAX 603-688-5386
Buy/sell logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, & telecom test equipment.

Dynamic Solutions, Bloomington CA
877-767-7077, 818-831-0832, FAX 818-831-0842
Buy/sell/lease/rent/repair new & used vibration & shock test equipment.

Electro Rent, Van Nuys CA
800-688-1111, 818-787-2100, FAX 818-786-4354
Rent/lease/sell/buy electronic test equipment.

Electrolab, Cupertino CA
408-257-2445, FAX 408-257-6310
Buy/sell/rent/lease HP, Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke, Anritsu.
Automatic & manual wafer probers.

Enable Engineering, San Mateo CA
800-686-6428, 650-375-0409, FAX 650-375-8666
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease used Nohau in-circuit emulators
& protocol analyzers for USB, Bluetooth.

Equipland, Fremont CA
510-770-9798, FAX 510-770-9799
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair new & used fiber optic telecom equipment,
fusion splicers, oscilloscopes, OTDRs, etc.

EquipTek Labs, Mountain View CA
650-938-5511, FAX 650-938-5512
Buy/sell/repair/cal used electronic test equipment.

Excalibur Engineering, Irvine CA
877-922-5427, 949-454-6603, FAX 949-454-6642
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal used Bruel&Kjaer, HP, TEK,
Fluke, Anritsu, etc., San Diego CA
858-566-2945, FAX 858-566-2946
Sells used fab equipment geared towards semiconductor & optical industry.

FiberMetric Equipment Resources, Sunnyvale CA
650-961-4043, FAX 650-938-1590
Buy/sell/rent fiberoptic test & lab support equipment for
lightwave industries.

Fire Diamond Enterprises, Rocklin CA
888-985-4432, 916-412-8973, FAX 916-632-8973
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease new & used general electronic test equipment.

GLK Instruments, San Diego CA
858-272-6325, FAX 858-272-5209
Sell/buy replacement test equipment cables for HP Agilent & other

GS Associates, Laguna Hills CA
949-510-2366, FAX 949-582-1779
Buy/Sell used/new electronic test equipment.

H&D Microwave Calibration, Garden Grove CA
714-251-3515, FAX 714-638-8311
Buy/sell/cal/repair HP/Agilent test equipment.

Hamilton Instruments, Oceanside CA
800-862-8983, 760-439-1345, FAX 760-439-0504
Sell/rent/repair used electronic test equipment and calibrators.

Industrial Resources, Orange CA
800-654-7368, 714-279-0334, FAX 714-998-8303
Sell/rent test equipment. Used test equipment.

Instrument Engineers, San Diego CA
800-444-6106, 858-673-3644, FAX 858-673-3643
Buy/sell/rent oscilloscopes, dmms, power supplies,
general purpose test and measurement equipment.

Inter-lynk, Menlo Park CA
407-256-5284, FAX 407-2857-9519
Buy/Sell/Rent electronic test equipment.

JP Test Equipment, Fremont CA
Buy/Sell used electronic test equipment.

Kacha Optics Test Equipment, Hayward CA
Buy/Sell used datacom & fiber test equipment, Adtech, Ixia, Fujikura,
Furukawa, Agilent, etc.

Lion Electronic Laboratories, Fresno CA
559-255-9096, FAX 559-251-9096
Buy/Sell electronic calibration & measurement standards
(HP, Fluke, Datron, etc.)

LR Environmental Equipment, Los Angeles CA
800-574-2748, 323-770-0634, FAX 323-770-0105
Sell/rent/lease used test equipment,
environmental chambers, vacuum equipment, ovens.

Machine World, Redding CA
530-246-1911, FAX 530-246-0775
Buy/sell/repair/cal coaters, developers, cleaners,
spin rinse dryer, manual spinner, grinder, test equipment.

Max Sands Enterprises, North Hollywood CA
800-289-6734, 818-508-7500, FAX 818-760-3784
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/cal RF-microwave, test & measurement,
spectrum & network analyzers, power supplies, scopes.

Megown Test & Measurement, Roseville CA
800-442-5835, 916-773-5010, FAX 916-773-4126
Buy/sell/rent/lease electronic test equipment.

MetricTest, Hayward CA
800-417-4370, 510-264-0887, FAX 510-264-0886
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Trade new & refurbished electronic test equipment.

Micro Precision Test Equipment, Grass Valley CA
866-683-7837, 530-268-1860, FAX 632-809-3121
Sell/Rent/Lease used & refurbished electronic test equipment.

Monterey Bay Communications, Santa Cruz CA
831-429-6144, FAX 831-429-1918
Buy/sell/rent/repair Hewlett-Packard test equipment.

Naptech, Lower Lake CA
800-336-7723, 707-995-7145, FAX 707-995-7151
Buy/sell/used test electronic equipment: analyzers, generators,
microwave, oscilloscopes, power supplies.

National Test Equipment, Oceanside CA
888-683-2872, 760-639-1700, FAX 760-639-1799
Buy/sell/rent/trade/repair/calibrate used electronic
test equipment, incl microwave, avionics, and manuals.

Nicom, National City CA
619-477-6298, FAX 619-477-6296
Buy/sell used test equipment, HP, Tek, Fluke, Wiltron, Wavetek, etc.

Optical Innovations, Vista CA
760-505-4867, FAX 760-683-3014
Buy/Sell/Rent lightwave test equipment & fiber optic components.

ORIX Rentec USA, Los Angeles CA
213-955-6548, FAX 213-955-6542
Buy/sell test & measurement equipment.

Priority Test Equipment, Discovery Bay CA
888-278-2230, 925-513-0158, FAX 925-513-0652
Buy/sell/rent/calibrate/repair used electronic test equipment.

R&S Surplus, Irwindale CA
626-472-7500, FAX 626-472-7503
Sells used test equipment.

RDY, Ventura CA
805-658-1331, FAX 805-658-1049
Sales of used test, semiconductor, optical equipment.

Recycled Goods, Ventura CA
800-644-3190, 805-644-3100, FAX 805-644-3170
Buy/sell surplus equipment for science & industry:
electronic test, research & lab, computer equipment.

Signal Test, San Diego CA
866-744-3014, 619-575-1577
Buy/Sell/Trade/Rent/Lease/Repair/Cal new & used electronic
test equipment.

Silicon Valley Techparts, San Jose CA
Sells PLC's, servo-motors, semiconductor equipment components,
wafer-handing robots, etc.

Smartech Consulting, Irvine CA
949-838-0102, FAX 949-625-8188
Buy/Sell/Trade fiber optic, network, telecom testing equipment.

Spectra Test Equipment, Mountain View CA
800-716-2421, 650-390-0690, FAX 650-390-0785
Buy/sell/rent used electronic test equipment.

Spectroscopic Diagnostics, Temecula CA
310-634-4445, FAX 951-587-2046
Sells used test equipment & used scientific instruments.

Sumoha International, San Jose CA
408-221-7177, FAX 408-229-1657
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease electronic test & measurement equipment.

Talented Technologies, Sacramento CA
916-375-1007, FAX 916-375-0070
Buy/Sell/Broker/Consign test equipment & network equipment.

Telogy, Union City CA
800-835-6494, 510-675-9500, FAX 510-675-1600
Buy/sell/rent/lease new/used test equipment.

Test and Measurement Resale, Santa Clara CA
408-248-2280, FAX 408-248-2289
Buy/sell HP computers, 64700 series emulators
RF/satellite, waveguide & most test needs.

Trek Equipment, Sausalito CA
888-873-5374, 415-332-1555, FAX 415-332-1261
Buy/sell/rent/lease HP, Tektronix, Fluke, Wavetek,
Anritsu, Wiltron.

TESLA, Hayward CA
888-448-3752, 510-315-2459, FAX 510-475-0442
Buy/sell/rent/lease/service general purpose, RF,
microwave, optical, telcom, datacom test equipment.

Test Equipment Corp, Mountain View CA
800-832-3637, 650-526-5500, FAX 650-526-5570
Sales/lease/rental of test equipment.

Test Equipment Solutions Today, Redwood City CA
888-889-8378, 650-365-8877, FAX 650-365-8822
Buy/sell/rent/lease/trade analyzers, meters, generators, oscilloscopes,
power supplies, communication, general purpose test equipment.

Test Equipment Surplus, Anaheim CA
714-778-5151, FAX 714-778-0312
Sells used test equipment.

Testmart, San Bruno CA
888-665-2765, 650-624-0525, FAX 650-624-0535
Buy/sell new/used test equipment - Tektronix, Fluke,
Anritsu, Agilent, and others.

TestWorld, Rocklin CA
916-435-3068, FAX 916-435-3168
Buy/Sell general purpose test equipment.

Top Dog Test, Hayward CA
510-324-3001, FAX 510-740-0916
Buy/sell/rent/lease test equipment.

Tunatronics, Santa Ana CA
714-588-1220, FAX 714-668-1907
Buy/sell used electronic test equipment, VXI, RF & microwave,
laboratory equipment, etc.

TestEquity, Moorpark CA
800-950-3457, 805-498-9933, FAX 805-498-3733
Buy/sell/rent/lease used & electronic test equipment, Agilent,
Tektronix, Fluke, Rohde & Schwartz, etc.

Test Equipment Value, Woodland Hills CA
800-483-7895, 818-340-9529, FAX 818-340-2090
Sells used electronic test equipment.

Test Electronics, Watsonville CA
831-763-2000, FAX 831-763-2085
Buy/sell/rent electronic test equipment HP/Tek/Fluke.


Instrument Rental Labs, Broomfield CO
888-573-5468, 303-469-5335, FAX 303-469-5336
Sales/rental of used electronic test equipment.

Ascent Concepts & Technology, Boulder CO
Buy/sell/broker electronic test equipment.

A-Comm Electronics, Centennial CO
303-770-4855, FAX 303-770-6266
Buy/sell used electronic test equipment.

Frequency Standards & Services, Colorado Springs CO
719-228-0540, FAX 719-228-9009
Buy/sell/repair frequency standards of all types.
Buy/sell test equipment.

Cheyenne Mtn Test Equipment, Colorado Springs CO
719-579-5725, FAX 719-579-5706
Buy/sell/trade/lease DC-Microwave test equipment, spectrum
analyzers, generators, telecommunications and general test equipment.


XSoptiX, Guilford CT
203-401-8093, FAX 800-878-7282
Buy/sell/rent/lease general purpose, RF, microwave,
optical, telecom, datacom test equipment.


Repcal Test Equipment, Lehigh Acres FL
800-524-0747, 239-368-9052, FAX 239-368-9054
Buy/sell/rent/lease/cal test equipment, incl microwave equipment.

Prestige Test Equipment, Longwood FL
321-972-1010, FAX 407-331-7326
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair/Calibrate used electronic test equipment.

BRL Test, Altamonte Springs FL
866-275-8378, 407-682-4228, FAX 855-275-8378
Buy/sell/rent/lease reconditioned general purpose electronic
test & measurement equipment.

Avitar Unlimited, Sanford FL
407-330-1960, FAX 407-330-3838
Buy/sell test equipment, microscopes, ovens, chambers, etc.

Recon Test Equipment, Orlando FL
407-615-3298, FAX 866-855-4288
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Cal/Repair used test equipment.

Icon Test Equipment, Longwood Fl
407-964-1606, FAX 407-857-4835
Buy/sell/rent/lease general purpose test equipment.

Test Equipment Connection, Lake Mary FL
800-615-8378, 407-804-1299, FAX 800-819-8378, 407-804-1277
Buy/Sell/Repair/Calibrate new & used electronic test equipment.

Metrol System, Apopka FL
866-230-4142, 407-880-1959, FAX 407-880-1834
Calibration/Repair/Sell electronic test equipment.

TestQuote, Weston FL
Submit free equipment quote requests / receive
offers from suppliers nationwide.

PTL Test Equipment, Jupiter FL
561-747-3647, FAX 561-575-4635
Buy/sell/lease/trade RF, video, microwave, fiberoptics,
new & reconditioned.


TekNet Electronics, Alpharetta GA
877-449-3760, 678-341-6000, FAX 678-341-6001
Buy/sell refurbished electronic test equipment.

TEVET, Alpharetta GA
678-905-1300, FAX 678-804-1881
Buy/sell/rent new & used electronic test & telecom test equipment.

TestParts, Evans GA
FAX 775-320-0640
Buy/Sell used test equipment, RF parts, microwave components, vacuum
components, manuals., Newnan GA
888-449-7653, 770-253-6114, FAX 404-759-2592
Buy/sell test & measurement equipment.

AccuSource Electronics, Gainesville GA
770-538-0061, 800-673-4102, FAX 770-538-0064
Buy/sell/lease all types of electronic test equipment.


Artisan Scientific, Champaign IL
888-887-6872, 217-352-9330, FAX 888-557-6872
Buy/Sell optical & electrical test equipment, VXI/PXI/SCXI/PCI,
laboratory equipment, etc.

Tru Cal International, Bensenville IL
800-681-5540, 630-238-8100, FAX 630-238-8101
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair/Cal general purpose/RF/microwave test equipment,
mechanical & torque equipment.

Global Test Equipment, Downers Grove IL
866-409-0400, 630-678-0400, FAX 630-678-0404
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease general electronic test equipment.
Test equipment manuals.

Midwest ATE, Palos Heights IL
Buy/Sell/Consign/Repair/Calibrate electronic test equipment.

ValueTronics International, Elgin IL
800-552-8258, 847-468-8258, FAX 847-717-6121
Sells used general purpose test equipment,
scopes, meters, analyzers, etc.




BPAI / New2U, Baltimore MD
410-662-6380, FAX 410-662-6385
Sells used test, computer, laboratory equipment.

Datum Test, New Orleans LA
504-304-1459, FAX 504-304-4807
Buy/Sell/Trade test & measurement equipment.

JM Test Systems, Baton Rouge LA
800-353-3411, 225-925-2029, FAX 225-927-0036
Sell/rent/repair/cal electronic & mechanical test equipment,
service monitors, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, DMMs.


NSCA, Gaithersburg MD
301-527-9200, FAX 301-527-9203
Buy/sell/rent/lease/trade electronic test equipment., Owings Mills MD
877-887-7524, 410-363-1452, FAX 410-505-5588
Buy/Sell Allen Bradley, Fluke & Cisco. 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

Ridge Equipment, Eldersburg MD
410-549-7661, FAX 410-549-1544
Buy/Sell/Rent/Repair electronic test equipment. Equipment manuals.
Full time service engineer available for on-site repair in Metro DC area.

Recycled Equipment, Baltimore MD
410-685-1997, FAX 410-685-7701
Buy/sell general electronic test equipment.


Test and Measurement Global Exchange, Northborough MA
508-520-9060, FAX 508-520-4010
Buy/sell/rent/lease/consignment general electronic test equipment.

Alliance Test Equipment, Worcester MA
888-505-8378, 508-671-9970, FAX 508-671-9960
Buy/sell test & measurement equipment by Agilent, Tektronix & others.

Mass Measure Electronics, Billerica MA
978-362-8344, FAX 978-362-2688
Sell/Rent discounted new test equipment, used & new microscopes.

Continental Resources, Bedford MA
800-937-4688, 781-275-0850, FAX 781-275-2046
Buy/sell/rent/lease electronic test equipment.

Test Equipment Depot, Melrose MA
800-517-8431, 781-665-1400, FAX 781-665-0780
Buy/sell/rent/lease oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network
analyzers, power supplies, etc.

BIZI International, Tyngsboro MA
800-370-7883, 978-649-0931, FAX 978-649-0935
Buy/Sell/Rent/Trade pre-owned test equipment.

Hayes Instrument, Billerica MA
978-663-4800, FAX 978-663-3812
Buy/sell/rent/repair/cal test equipment.

BMI Surplus, Hanover MA
781-871-8868, FAX 781-871-7412
Buy/sell test equipment.


Point 5 Test Equipment, Wayne MI
866-418-3762, 734-516-6377, FAX 734-423-4001
Buy/sell/rent new, used & refurbished test equipment,
specializing in cable, broadband & fiber equipment.


METRO CAD, Minneapolis MN
612-302-8056, FAX 612-302-7672
Buy/Sell/Consign/Online Auction new & used test equipment &
equipment manuals.



Feitek, St Louis MO
314-423-1770, FAX 314-423-1770
Buy/sell/trade/cal/repair/rent/lease electronic test equipment.


Surplus Sales of Nebraska, Omaha NE
402-346-4750, FAX 402-346-2939
Sells use electronic test equipment & manuals.


Datagate Systems, Carson City NV
Repair/Refurbish/Calibrate component
level support of obsolete Test Equipment.

Equipment Management Technology, Las Vegas NV
866-905-1700, 702-459-1700, FAX 702-459-6700
Sell/rent/lease/calibrate electronic test equipment, Agilent, Anritsu,
Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix.

RF Imaging and Comm, Las Vegas NV
800-251-8911, 702-248-0414, FAX 800-390-0125
Buy/sell/repair radio service monitors, spectrum
analyzers; Cushman/HP/IFR/Motorola/Wavetek.

Testwave, Sparks NV
775-356-8378, FAX 775-356-8290
Buy/sell/rent/lease/cal electronic test equipment.

New Hampshire...

Fiber Optic Hardware, Nashua NH
877-449-8204, 603-325-4993
Buy/Sell used fiber optic fusion splicers.

Test Equipment Sales, Londonderry NH
800-684-4651, 603-434-2544, FAX 603-425-2945
Buy/sell new & used electronic test equipment.

Veracity Technology Services, Portsmouth NH
603-436-3911, FAX 603-436-3411
Buy/sell/calibrate/repair/lease general purpose test & measurement
equipment, Tektronix & Microwave Logic gigaBerts & packetBerts.

Electronic Orphanage, Concord NH
603-627-9885, FAX 603-724-6537
Buy/sell new & refurbished electronic equipment.

Globaltech Sourcing & Solutions, North Hampton NH
603-379-2856, FAX 603-379-2907
Buy/Sell/Repair electronics & VME embedded equipment.

PhotoMachining, Pelham NH
603-882-9944, FAX 603-886-8844
Sells used electronic test equipment, lasers, microscopes, optomechanics,
cleanroom & lab equipment, etc.

New Jersey...

Tech-Systems Electronics, Ocean Township NJ
800-435-1516, 732-918-7979, FAX 732-918-7888
Buy/sell/rent used test equipment.

Bid Service, Freehold NJ
732-863-9500, FAX 732-863-1255
Buy/sell used semiconductor, vacuum, test equipment,
evaporators, chillers, probers, wire bonders, etc.

Kentronix, Neptune NJ
732-695-9466, FAX 732-695-9488
Buy/sell electronic test equipment, coaxial & waveguide components,
laboratory standards & manuals.

Alltest Instruments, Farmingdale NJ
732-919-3339, FAX 732-919-3332
Buy/sell preowned test & measurement instruments.

Test Equipment Net, Bernardsville NJ
908-419-1481, FAX 908-953-0891
Buy/sell/trade general purpose test & measurement Agilent, HP, Fluke.

General Calibration, Boonton NJ
800-276-2880, 973-299-2950, FAX 973-299-0595
Sell/repair/cal electronic & mechanical test equipment,
network & spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, DMM's.

New Mexico...

AAA Equipment Resources, Albuquerque NM
505-235-5613, FAX 505-839-9026
Buy/Sell used electronic test equipment.

Precision Services, Santa Fe NM
Sells refurbished general purpose electronic test equipment.

New York...

PICS Telecom, Rochester NY
800-521-7427, 585-295-2000, FAX 585-295-2020
Buy/sell voice/data equipment, central office, transmission,
customer premise, etc.

Capovani Brothers, Scotia NY
518-346-8347, FAX 518-381-9578
Buy/sell semiconductor, microelectronic, optical, laboratory,
vacuum & related equipment.

Exphil, Bohemia NY
800-539-7445, 631-563-3520, FAX 631-563-0701
Buy/sell/lease/repair/cal oscilloscopes, RF instruments,
bench power supplies & other test instruments.

Amtronix Instruments, Lakewood NY
716-763-9104, FAX 716-763-0371
Buy/sell electronic test equipment, service monitors,
spectrum analyzers, cellular, etc.

Total Surplus, Marlboro NY
845-236-6650, FAX 845-236-6648
Sells surplus electronic test equipment, semiconductor equipment,
microscopes, audio/video equipment.

North Carolina...

Test Equipment Remarketers, Henderson NC
800-500-8374, 252-492-5401, FAX 252-492-8042
Buy/sell electronic test equipment. Specialize in Anritsu
Sitemaster & Cellmaster test sets., Wilmington NC
888-610-7664, 910-221-9344, FAX 910-401-1114
Buy/sell/rent preowned electronic test equipment.

Microlease, Cary NC
866-520-0200, FAX 919-443-4001
Buy/sell used electronic test equipment.


Electronic Surplus, Cleveland OH
216-441-8500, FAX 216-441-8503
Sells used electronic test equipment.

HGR Industrial Surplus, Euclid OH
216-486-4567, FAX 216-486-4779
Buy/sell used industrial equipment, semiconductor,
vacuum, test equipment, machine tools.

Fair Radio Sales, Lima OH
419-223-2196, FAX 419-227-1313
Buy/Sell military test, commercial test, communications equipment & parts.

AAATesters, Toledo OH
800-548-2381, 419-517-6681
Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease/Repair electronic test & fiber equipment.

DNA Equipment, Parma OH
440-886-4383, FAX 440-886-4384
Sells used lasers, laser parts, optical & electronic test equipment.

Unitek Instruments, Columbus OH
888-831-0321, 614-291-9909, FAX 614-291-9917
Buy/sell/rent/repair/cal/lease electronic testing equipment:
oscilloscopes, DMMs, generators, analyzers, bridges & others.

USTestMart, Toledo OH
734-785-4480, FAX 866-249-2230
Buy/Sell used electronic test equipment, network test, fiber test, etc.



Tektronix, Beaverton OR
800-833-9200 (Opt 1), FAX 503-627-3247
Sell refurbished Tektronix products with standard factory warranty.

Norway Labs, Beaverton OR
503-924-5846, FAX 503-214-8518
Sell/Repair/Cal test equipment, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers,
Tektronix & Magni television broadcast equipment.


DennLec, Erie PA
814-580-8560, FAX 814-746-3950
Buy/Sell counters, multimeters, network analyzers,
oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers.

Kandel Electronics, Oreland PA
800-582-8378, 215-886-7008, FAX 215-886-7017
Buy/sell/rent/cal electronic test equipment.

DBS Communications, Philadelphia PA
267-228-7953, FAX 866-710-4435
Buy/sell/lease electronic test equipment, HP, Tek, Fluke,
Wavetek, IFR, etc.

Process Instruments, Pittsburgh PA
412-431-4600, FAX 412-431-3792
Sell/repair/calibrate Leeds + Northrup standards, test equipment.

Lehman Scientific, Red Lion PA
800-784-8680, 717-244-7540, FAX 717-244-9524
Buy/sell oscilloscopes, power supplies, analytical balances,
pH meters, spectrum analyzers. Specializing in microscopes.

Rhode Island...

Techrecovery, Warwick RI
877-837-8872, FAX 401-737-0200
Buy/sell/rent test & measurement, fiber optics, oscilloscopes,
analyzers, meters, probes, test sets, power supplies.

South Carolina...

R and D Associates, North Augusta SC
877-816-4993, 803-278-0744, FAX 803-279-3826
Buy/sell general purpose test equipment.


EML, Franklin TN
888-846-4614, 615-771-2560, FAX 615-771-2551
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair/calibrate communication service monitors,
spectrum analyzers, general telecom equipment.


Tucker Electronics, Garland TX
800-527-4642, 214-348-8800, FAX 214-348-0367
Buy/Sell new & used test equipment.

E & E Test Equipment, Frisco TX
214-929-8420, FAX 775-264-6166
Buy/sell/rent/lease pre-owned test equipment.

Automation Equipment, Dallas TX
Buy/Sell/Auction used SMT, semiconductor, test & measurement,
CNC, facilities equipment sales.

360 Technologies, Austin TX
888-883-0360, 512-266-7360, FAX 512-266-7366
Buy/sell/rent/lease/repair Hewlett-Packard products, instrument
controllers, peripherals, data aquisition, multiprogrammers.

Xpress Surplus, Cedar Park TX
512-528-9100, FAX 512-528-9618
Buy/Sell used test equipment.

TSA, Houston TX
800-422-4872, 713-935-1500, FAX 713-935-1555
Buy/sell/rent/repair Hewlett-Packard instrument
controllers, programmers, data acquisition, and test equipment.

U.S. Instrument Services, Southlake TX
800-870-0787, 817-481-1666, FAX 817-251-0391
Buy/sell/rent used test equipment, scopes, meters, power supplies, etc.

G.A.S. International, Fort Worth TX
800-523-4898, 817-870-1624, FAX 817-870-1850
Sells general electronic test equipment.

Avionics International Supply, Denton TX
800-553-2233, 940-566-0035, FAX 940-566-8656
Buy/sell/lease/trade/repair/cal avionics & aircraft instrument
test equipment.

MATsolutions, Irving TX
877-825-5077, 972-525-2609
Sells & leases lab-certified test & measurement equipment.
No Surprises and Price Match guarantees.
Free shipping for online purchases

TRS-RenTelco, DFW Airport TX
800-874-7123, 972-456-4000, FAX 972-456-4002
Buy/sell/rent/lease general purpose test & measurement,
Agilent, Tektronix, Acterna, Fluke.

Dale R Johnson Company, Kaufman TX
972-962-4714, cell 972-342-7726
Buy/sell/repair/cal electronic test equipment, standards, manuals.



Advanced Communications & Electronics, Lynchburg VA
434-237-8255, FAX 434-237-8255
Buy/sell/repair communications & electronic
test & measurement equipment.

Signal Technology Labs, Forest VA
Sells used oscilloscopes, logic analyzers.

Optisales, Fairlawn VA
540-230-9855, FAX 408-694-3344
Sells semiconductor & optoelectronic equipment, lightwave & electronic
test equipment. Worldwide sales.

ANA Instruments, King George VA
540-775-9375, FAX 540-775-9638
Buy/Sell new & used electronic test equipment.

RadioEsoterica, Virginia Beach VA
757-546-7007, FAX 757-546-0371
Sells used test equipment.

American Test Equipment, Rockville VA
800-777-3154, 804-364-1212, FAX 804-364-1616
Buy/sell/rent electronic test equipment, HP, Tektronix,
Fluke, Ameritec, AstroMed, Anritsu, WG.


Bell Electronics NW, Kent WA
253-395-0707, FAX 253-395-0808
Buy/sell/rent new & used electronic test equipment.

Electronic Dimensions, Tacoma WA
253-272-1061, FAX 253-383-2088
Buy/sell/rent test & measurement equipment.

Test Equipment Plus, LaCenter, WA
800-260-8378, 360-263-5006, FAX 360-263-5007
Sell/Repair used test & measurement equipment.
LCD Retrofit kits for HP Spectrum Analyzer CRT

Syntek, Bellevue WA
800-548-8911, 425-822-7777, FAX 425-822-9333
Sells new and used electronic test equipment.

Edmo Distributors, Spokane Valley WA
800-235-3300, 509-535-8280, FAX 800-828-0623
Used avionics test equipment.

West Virginia...


Dist-Tron, Menomonee Falls WI
800-347-8766, 262-781-7770 FAX 262-781-7262
Sells new & used electronic test equipment.


Western Test Systems, Cheyenne WY
800-538-1493, 307-635-2269, FAX 307-635-2291
Buy/Sell refurbished, guaranteed microwave/millimeter-wave
test components & instruments.

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