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"Thanks for the generous listing you shared. It helped me lots when I
needed it.  I agree with your selection of presentation.
It sure comes up fast!"

"Thanks for all your hard work.  I thought I had a good handle
on the used equipment market, but I knew less than 10%
of what you had put together.  Very useful, (and fast with
all the graphics left off.  Now if we could convince the 
vendors to leave their graphics off finding used equipment
would be a joy)."

"I am extremely appreciative of the simplicity of your site, it makes
it much more useful than various %*@#!!! graphic-loaded sites that add
nothing to the content while confusing my lame browser and computer
(how did you know I had a lame browser?)."

"...And I much appreciate your text-only approach;
most of the Web seems to be designed by folks who have T1 links to their
desktops and think everyone else does too...."

"I just wanted to thank you for the list.  Finding a used scope in
Montreal (Canada) isn't so easy and the yellow pages aren't that much
help.  BTW I agree that more pages with less "garbage" would be nice -
my connection time isn't free!"

"Good page.  We found it very helpful.  
And no eye candy - what a site for sore eyes."

"Hey, man your site is just fantastic, no junk - just info."

"> You may have noticed that my site is, to put it mildly, dull. 
Bless you, my friend!"

"I had the good fortune to come across your website which has the list of
used electronic test equipment dealers.  Thank you so much for this list, it
will help my business a whole bunch.  I work for a company that buys and
sells test equipment, among other things.  And the fact that it is free-
I am very grateful AND I couldn't agree with you more about it's simple
format.  I have considered constructing a site for my business and it will
be EXACTLY like yours.  No goofy, irritating, unneccesary graphics that
take forever to load.  Not that they aren't nice, some people do a really 
wonderful job but they just waste my time!  It's the information that I 
interested in and your site is a dream."

"Thank you for your site. Special thanks for not loading it up with all
the "junk" that slows the web down to a crawl. Like you " I find much of
that garbage annoying - it takes forever to download and is
distracting". Worse yet it is generally a waste of time.
Too bad more web sites are not designed like yours."

"Great Site!!  You had all of my favorite sites.
Crisp and clean, no caffiene (or headache from all the stuff)."

"I like the no nonsense format."

"Congratulations on running an exceptional website.  It is very useful
and saves incredible amounts of time.  This is a true service to anyone
that shops for used equipment.  Just thought I would say THANK YOU
instead of the usual "Why aren't there any graphics?" sort of
lame'o questions."

"Discovered your list today by accident.  I sell industrial surplus
equipment.  I think your list could be a goldmine for locating buyers
for some of our more technical surplus."

"I justed wanted to say thanx... In todays world of people taking things
for granted... Thanx for your web page.... It's been a world of help... "

"While searching for DMM's, your list produced a savings of over $500 in 
just one use. This has also saved many hours of searching. I hope it 
remains in the future."

"Just figured I'd drop a word of thanks for taking the time to post and
maintain such a valuable resource ( your used equipment suppliers list).
I just found it today, but will definately be doing business with many
of these companies in the near future.  I'll be sure to tell them where
I heard about them, and how."

"I really appreciate the tremendous effort you have taken to put such a
listing together. It is very beneficial to us and many others."

"Thank you for the lists of dealers of "stuff"!!  All that data in one
place!  And for an amateur test equipment hacker, it's like a gift from
heaven.  PLEASE don't improve it; it's wonderful as is!!"

"Thanks for the list Steve! It's good to see informative posts, like
yours, regarding used equipment sources.  Many people are reluctant to
share the locations of their "gold mines"."

"Thanks for posting this list.  I think it will be very helpful.  It is
certainly nice to see someone being helpful on Usenet - instead of
pushing some get-rich-quick scheme!"

"Steve ... Thanks for a great site!  I am a "small player" in the used
test equipment business.  I sell to many dealers that you have listed.
I see a few new ones I need to contact.  I will pass along any info
that you might be able to use.  Thanks again!"

"Thanks for the great page.  I have found several more options of buying 
used equipment.  I will save hundreds. "

"Thanks for your help, nice list!"

"I just wanted to thank you for maintaining such a web page.
I'm trying to finish off my 'dream lab' and a page such
as yours is a wonderful help."

"I just wanted to say thank you.  By listing us on your list we have
received 5 inquiries so far in the last 30 days that have helped in our
sales effort.  It may not sound like much to you, but every quote
helps!  This is our only web presence (til next year) and I just wanted
to re-iterate:  Thanks!"

"I'm a physics professor at Wesleyan University, interested in buying 
used equipment -- your list is great!  Thanks for putting it on the web."

"Just a quick note - thanks for your list."

"I ran across your list and could not beleave anyone had compiled such
a complete listing of used eqp dealers."

"That's a great page that you have.  Thank you very much for the info!"

"Great information.  Thank-you for your site. I will put it to good use."

"Thanks Steve for the leads. You did a nice job."

"Great list, thanks for posting the results of you efforts."

"Thank you so much for maintaining a list of used test equipment.  I am a
new professor and am putting together a hardware lab.  I expect your list
to save us hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, allowing us to buy more
equipment for our students."

"Thank you for the excellent list of used equipment dealers on the 
internet.  It has saved me hours of time looking for dealers that 
I wouldn't have ever found otherwise."

"This is a very comprehensive listing!   You're helping a lot of
customers out there, in fact, I've even received some calls from
customers who got our info. from your list."

"Good job on the list!  I am trying to sell a surplus Spectrum Analyzer
and found a lot of potential buyers on your webpage!  Thanks a bunch!"

"Thanks for your web site information regarding used
equipment dealers.  It's a great help over trying to
find them in magazines or thru web search engines."

"I want to thank you for providing your service and experience with
these dealers.  You are a great person and there are not too many
people like you around."

"Thank you for providing a simple list for Used Electronic and
semiconductor Equipment.  As an Equipment Re-manufacture for
Semiconductor Equipment, I have visited numerous websites and by far,
your list is more comprehensive than most.  Thank you for providing a
site for Vendors and Customers both to use."

"Thanks for a very great service, considering the extent of your efforts
it is a very good job.  I used your links extensively this morning and
found it very useful in our quest for used dicing saws."

"Thanks for sharing your list of used electronic equipment."

"I want to thank you for publishing your list of semiconductor and test
equipment dealers."

"Thank you very much for making your dealer list available. It has an
honored place in my bookmarks. It has been very useful both for my
personal collection of test equipment and for my work."

"Your site is the best.  I have equipment that I am selling for a client
and I needed to find interested parties in the PCB equipment world.
I found your site.  It is of tremendous help."

"Your site has much needed and rare info. Specilaized information is very
hard to track down. Good job."

"This is a great service - your list has helped me several times."

"Steve - thanks!!! I'm a recruiter looking for equipment dealers and this
list was incredibly helpful."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making your list of used
equipment sources available on the web.  It proved very valuable today
in my search for a used wirebonder.  I now have several leads, thanks
to your efforts!  Thanks again!"

"Just a quick note to thank you for posting and maintaining 
your list of electronics equipment dealers.  I found a few 
new sources using it."

"Thank you for posting your listing , it is the best I have ever seen."

"I just wanted to let you know that I found your list quite useful!"

"First, I would like to thank you for you generosity.  The information
on your site provide me with a excellent source for used equipment."

"Your site with the Used Test Equipment Dealers will be able to help my
company search for a distributor for most of our test equipment needs."

"GREAT LIST ! ! ! !"

"You did an excellent job! Just keep adding to the list. It has helped
me a great deal in locating for used equipment."

"Your listing is very useful. I have been using it to find used

"I recently found your web site list of surplus dealers and have found
to be very useful.  I work for a university and most of the time do not
have the money for new equipment. I manage the semiconductor processing
labs here and did find some dealers in your list that I didn't
previously know of.  Thank you for your continued effort on this."

"Your list is the best thing that ever happened for those
in search of techno-goodies.  Thank you."

"Thank you for the great job!  It's very useful."

"I have found several instruments and bought them from people on your
list.  It is a great help to the small business service provider like
myself who can't justify all new gear!"

"Thanks for compiling such a complete list.
I did find it useful for looking for some Electronic Equipment."

"Thanks Steve, I have found your listing very helpful in looking for used
equipment. It is securly stashed in my bookmarks for future use."

"Once again I have used your site to find the obscure piece of
equipment that I needed. This is truly a wonderful service that you

"Your test equipment list is super!!"

"Thanks for maintaining this great list."

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