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Okay, so your business is listed on the largest used hi-tech equipment
dealer directory on the Internet - but how do you make yourself stand out
from the several hundred others? An expanded listing is now available
for a very small fee!

In your expanded listing you may, for example:

Compare this standard listing:

Average Sales, Ventura CA
805-555-1234, FAX 805-555-5678
Buy/sell/cal electronic test equipment.

To this...

Enormous Sales, Inc.
1138 E. Main Street, Ventura CA 93003
805-555-1234 or 805-555-2345. Pager: 805-555-0123
FAX 805-555-5678 or 805-555-6789
We buy and sell all types of electronic test equipment and have a
calibration and repair lab in-house! Large selection of HP,
Tektronix, Keithley, Fluke and more. We specialize in used Tek
'scopes and HP spectrum analyzers and are a Fluke distributor -
call today for your needs. Also - good selection of inspection
microscopes - Nikon and AO. Illuminators too. All sales include
180 day warranty and 5 day right of return. Certificates of
calibration available for a nominal fee. 48 hour turn-around for
most calibrations. We accept MasterCard and VISA. Visit our Web
page for today's specials! Note: we're always looking for used
Electroglas probers - call us first!
Looking for equipment?:
Selling excess inventory?:
Calibration Laboratory:

Okay, so how much does this cost? How about only $48 per year!
Less than $1 per week - certainly the best advertising deal on the 'net, and
it's on the largest, oldest, best industry directory in existence.
You may already have your own web site - but this is how new customers
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Expanded listing terms...

Expanded listings may include:

Listing format is a maximum of 20 lines, each line a maximum of 72
characters. The general format (order of information, etc.,)
per Enormous example above. All text will be bold, unless you
specify otherwise. Only simple text will be accepted - no photos,
graphics, animation, etc. No all-caps listings. No blank lines.

As with the free listings - one per business. If you have many
branches - list the main one only. No one company may dominate this
directory. Contents are subject to acceptance, must be truthful,
in good taste, not deride other dealers, etc. Listings must comply
to the purpose of this directory - serious dealers in used high-
technology equipment. The decision of the judge is final.

For the annual fee of $48 only minor changes may be made in the
listing during the year. Minor changes are changes to the address,
phone numbers, email addresses and web URLs only. This listing is
not for your daily, weekly, or monthly specials - that is what your
web page is for! If more changes are needed than those mentioned
above, another $48 fee is required. Payment will be accepted for
only one year in advance.

Payment Methods

U.S. - in advance, by check only. Email s j n o l l @ i x . n e t c o m . c o m for address.

Foreign - in advance, Cashier's check in U.S. Dollars, or an International Money
Order in U.S. Dollars.

Submitting EXPANDED listings

Email the desired wording of your listing to
DO NOT send as an "attachment" - simply send as plain email text.
Email attachment methods are not sufficiently standardized as to be
of any use! Do not send text as all upper case. Alternatively -
mail the text with your check or money order.

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