Light Emitting Diode Spectral Scans & Measurements

Steve J. Noll

This site presents actual electro-optical measurements of commercial Light Emitting Diodes. LED vendors have been known to overstate output powers and guess at beamwidths. Posted here are honest numbers resulting from real measurements using calibrated photometers, spectrometers and goniophotometers.

Measurements of the LEDs were made using the following equipment...

Topbright TB5-V15-25-W55000 white LED from eBay 7/07

Topbright TB5-V15-25-W55000 white LEDs from eBay 7/07.

Chicago CMD333UWC white LED

Chicago CMD333UWC white LED.

Sloan SL905WC-13 white LED

Sloan SL905WC-13 white LED.

Lumex SSL-LX5093XUWC white LED

Lumex SSL-LX5093XUWC white LED.

All Electronics LED-75 white LED

All Electronics LED-75 white LED.

Vendor Model Claimed Intensity Claimed Wavelength (nm) Claimed Beamwidth (dg) Measured Averaged LED Intensity (mcd) Measured Total Output (mW) Measured Peak Wavelength (nm) Measured Spectral Width FWHM (nm) Measured Beamwidth (degrees)
All Electronics ULED-2 n/a 395 30 139 11.9 399 12.0 30.4 RL5-UV1230 12 mW 400 30 137 11.9 402 11.7 32.2 RL5-UV2030 20 mW 405 30 146 10.6 398 13.0 20.5

All reading are averages of three LEDs.
Averaged LED Intensity per CIE 127 condition B.
Total Output measured in a calibrated integrating sphere.
All measurements made with 20 mA constant current drive.
Beamwidth measured with an automated goniophotometer.
Yes - the RL5-UV2030 measures about half the claimed power output.

All Electronics ULED-2 UV LED

All Electronics ULED-2 UV LED. RL5-UV1230 UV LED RL5-UV1230 UV LED. RL5-UV2030 UV LED RL5-UV2030 UV LED.





The Goniophotometer I designed and built while Senior Test Engineer at API for measuring emission patterns of LEDs and acceptance patterns of photodetectors. A Keithley 2500 Dual Photodiode Meter is used for both the measurements and driving a stepper motor:



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